Pick Up Sticks Retailers – Find Your Favorite

Just one example of the Pick Up Sticks necklaces jewelry you can create after locating your favorite Pick Up Sticks retailer.

Just one example of the Pick Up Sticks necklaces jewelry you can create after locating your favorite Pick Up Sticks retailer.

We’re always telling you how much we love our Pick Up Sticks retailers, and we try to feature one of them in a blog post on a regular basis.  But have you found one near you?  Do you have a favorite Pick Up Sticks retailer of your own?

If you’re really going to go green and support your hometown economy, there’s nothing like shopping and buying locally.  Pick Up Sticks retailers already know how fabulous the line is, and they’ll show you their bestsellers as well as what’s new.

Probably one of the greatest advantages to buying from one of our retailers is that they’re happy to help you assemble your necklace and bracelets once you find the perfect combination of charms and trinkets.  They can keep you informed about when new designs arrive so that you can add to your collection.  Another benefit of buying from a local retailer is that  you don’t have to pay for shipping.

1-photo3 copy

And if you are looking for a favorite charm from the past that might have been discontinued from our line, call around to a few brick and mortar Mom and Pop stores to see if they have it in stock. Often you can find special charms that aren’t available from an online store.

As you already know, getting your hands on Pick Up Sticks is a satisfying shopping experience – they’re even better in person than in these pictures!

You can always go to our website and find a store carrying Pick Up Sticks near you.  Or check out the links in the column on the left of this blog post – we’ve been pleased to link to several retailers who asked to be included here.

Happy shopping. If you already have a favorite Pick Up Sticks retail store, let us know who they are so we can give them a shout out on our Facebook page.

If all your best efforts to find a local retailer are unsuccessful, suggest to your favorite store owners that they carry the line.  And finally, if all else fails, or if you’re living in a remote area that only the UPS guy can find, you’re welcome to shop the Pick Up Sticks retail website.

Pick Up Sticks Retailer of the Month – Blackbird Art

Pick Up Sticks Jewelry, Blackbird Art

This month’s Retailer of the Month, Blackbird Art located at Ocean & San Carlos in Carmel, California (831-624-8688), gets the prize for being the place we’d like to visit most this month. With winter creeping into New Mexico, spending a few days in Carmel definitely sounds like something that would make us smile.

Deborah Vielle of Blackbird Art (aka Doud Craft Studios) says that Pick Up Sticks Jewelry is something that makes her smile. “When I think of Pick Up Sticks,” she says, “I think of a quality, affordable product that really sells itself! The simplicity of the styles makes it appealing to a wide variety of customers.”

Carmel is a unique location that attracts people from all over the world and Deborah says its great to see people of all backgrounds who really enjoy shopping at Blackbird. She’s noticed that Pick Up Sticks seems to bring people together. “Creating a personal necklace and finding a charm that is perfect for themselves or a friend just makes for friendly and often humorous exchanges it makes people laugh and feel good.”

When we asked her why she chose Pick Up Sticks over some other image-based jewelry, she had a quick answer:  “When something works as well as Pick Up Sticks, I don’t mess with it! I think what is unique to Pick Up Sticks is that there is a strong and winning combination of humor and heart and we appreciate that and need those reminders.”

“And the photo of Sabrina and Glena kind of says it all! It is the PUS attitude that really attracts and resonates with many, many women!”

Deborah has good advice for displaying and merchandising the line as well.  “Don’t be shy! Have a large selection and let your customers have access to it. I have it readily accessible so that my customers can turn over images and enjoy reading and begin to connect the message on the charm to themselves or a friend.”

“I find my customers just naturally begin to build a necklace and that it is important then to have a good selection, I try to keep up with the initials especially and frequently call Pick Up Sticks for fill-in on the four initial styles I carry.”

Yes, four.  That’s what she said. Like some of our other retailers, Deborah at Blackbird Art has found that having a variety of initial styles available makes for very happy customers.

We asked her what she sells the most:  “We sell lots of the queens, the word candy, several initial styles. I have just experimented and found strong sellers from several categories…we replace our inventory frequently.”

Deborah gets to work in a beautiful place, and we like that she is so positive about her Pick Up Sticks experience.  She tells us, “I really appreciate the great personal service I receive from everyone at Pick Up Sticks!”

We appreciate Deborah and Blackbird Art. We just wish we could fly in for a weekend of shopping this month.  Now wouldn’t that be perfect?

Pick Up Sticks Retailer of the Month – Mary Jane’s in Estes Park, CO and Hawaii

Colorado Store Interior

Our retailer of the month for October, Mary Jane’s, 356 E. Elkhorn in Estes Park, Colorado, has all the style and charm we’ve come to expect from Pick Up Sticks retailers.  Their Colorado store is fun, upbeat and filled with eclectic gifts (especially if you’re looking to treat yourself). But they’ve gone one step further than most of our retailers. They’ve opened a second store. . .in Waikoloa, HI at 250 Waikoloa Beach Drive, Unit K10.

Colorado Store Display

Yes, you read that correctly.  Colorado AND Hawaii. Don’t you think we all need to field trip ourselves to that second location?  Not that Estes Park isn’t one of the most scenic settings in the country, but Hawaii? We’re totally into visiting that store. . .

Mary and Steve Smithson opened the Colorado store (http://maryjanesinestes.com/)   in 2005, hoping to bring a very unique shopping experience to Estes Park, a small town of about 8,000, which expands every year with approximately 3 million visitors. They’ve devoted themselves to finding a great mix for both their local customers as well as all the tourists that find their way to the gorgeous mountain town. We can only imagine how much fun they’ve had filling the Hawaii store. . .

Colorado Store Exterior

When we asked Mary what she loved best about Pick Up Sticks, she said, “I love the sassy charms, and how you’ve given everyone the ability to express themselves differently with jewelry – everyone’s final design represents their individual interests or personality.”

“I love how people oooh and ahhh in the space that we created for Pick Up Sticks.  They stand there and find special charms and call their friends over to show them.  At times we have a whole group of women crowded around our pot rack reading the charms out loud and saying who each reminds them of.”

Hawaii Store Exterior

Best sellers for Mary Jane’s?  Chicklet initials, trinkets, and spacers.  Mary is quick to recommend that a retailer keeps a large variety on hand so that each customer finds a piece that expresses them the best. She’s also adamant that her store keep plenty of initials in stock.  Those go fast, she says.

Mary found that displaying her Pick Up Sticks from a pot rack works, and she says giving customers the chance to handle and turn the charms over is her best advice for quick sales.  “It allows us to add interest in our store with our colorful ribbon hanging down, and people stand there for long periods of time reading each one until they find their special charm.”

Hawaii Store Display

“I love the variety of designs; all the different categories that appeal to different people.  There is something for everyone.  I also love the variety of sizes and shapes for the initials.  From a retailer’s point of view, I love the promotions, the zip code protection, and the periodic new introductions.  Shipping is FAST too!”

We’re very happy with Mary’s response to our Retailer questionnaire, and we’re envious that she gets to spend her days in Estes Park, the Gateway to the Rockies. And yes, we’re especially envious that she also gets to divide her time there with time in Hawaii.

Thanks Mary for your Pick Up Sticks enthusiasm. We’re thrilled to be part of your retail space!

Pick Up Sticks Retailer of the Month – Visions Spa

Visions Spa at 26800 Beck Rd., Novi, MN is our Retailer of the Month for September, and Anne Bond, the owner, was more than happy to give us some helpful info for other retailers.  Anne says the words “unique and fun” are what always come to mind when someone mentions Pick Up Sticks Jewelry Company.

They chose our line over others because they felt like we have a wide variety of charms, with lots of artistic flair.  And who are we to argue with that?

The store at Visions Spa is a retail space of 2,000 square feet that separates a salon and spa. Citing their display as “everything” it takes to get Pick Up Sticks in the hands of customers,  Anne at Visions says catching a customer’s eye as they make their way to the cash register is the real secret to success with this line.  “Clients have fun with this jewelry – we love how it creates new interest in the store.  And it’s great fun to watch the clients read the charms.”

Anne says she’s thrilled that Pick Up Sticks is selling so well.  Evidently she took her husband along on her market trip to Atlanta and he was a bit skeptical about how quickly jewelry would move.  Neither of them has been disappointed – “Pick Up Sticks sells like crazy in our shop,” she says.

Visions Spa also appreciates the speed with which new designs appear in the line. That’s what keeps collectors coming back for more.

Check out Visions Spa at their website or like them on their Facebook page.  And tell them we sent you!

Pick Up Sticks Retailer of the Month – French Market

After a Retailer of the Month is chosen, we send them an e-mail with a list of questions, asking that they take a minute to answer those questions and then send us back a few photos of their store as well as Pick Up Sticks in their store.  It’s a pretty straight-forward process – tell us about your store and tell us what makes Pick Up Sticks work for you.  We want two things:  to give our retailers a high-five and some free publicity for being so enthusiastic about Pick Up Sticks, and to give you, our other retailers, relevant information on how to best market the product.

But sometimes there’s a hidden benefit.  Sometimes in researching our retailers, we find inspiration in how they’ve set up their retail business and promoted themselves.  Which is exactly what happened this month while checking out the French Market and Tavern’s website and Facebook page.

French Market and Tavern, 3840 Hwy 42, Locust Grove, Georgia is touted as South Atlanta’s hottest casual dining spot, and “whether you eat, drink or shop, French Market is the destination place to be.”  What this month’s retailer has done is to very successfully use the internet to entice a wide range of potential shoppers into their space.  Certainly after checking out their website, we were dying to spend a lunch hour at French Market and then an afternoon shopping in the gift shop.

They’re located in the old Gardner Hardware Store, a building dating back to 1906.  Lauren describes their store as a “rustic version of Pottery Barn,” and it looks like she and her husband combined his New Orleans love of food with her love of design in a very appealingly eclectic way.

Here’s what they had to say about Pick Up Sticks:  They love the flexibility in design, and they suggest that you display everything at eye level, with the jewelry set out in a way that allows your shoppers to touch and turn the charms over.  Lauren suggests that your salespeople comment on the uniquely personal ways in which Pick Up Sticks can be added to a piece of jewelry, in essence telling a customer’s story. And she says that she loves that the line keeps people in the store for an extended period of time, searching through charms to find exactly the right initial or charm.

French Market does a great job of retailing Pick Up Sticks. But the bigger take-away here may be that French Market does a great job of promoting their entire business on the web. Their Facebook page is an example of how to use that medium to get buyers in the door.  Frequent posts, gorgeous photos, incentives to customers for checking in. . .this is all textbook stuff on how to grow your community and following.

We applaud French Market on being our Retailer on the Month for July.  They’re doing a great job selling Pick Up Sticks, and as you can see from the photos, the displays make the jewelry very accessible and enticing to the customer. But even better, they’re doing a great job of creating an atmosphere that buyers want to experience.

Next time we’re in Atlanta, we’re putting a visit to French Market on our bucket list. Their website makes our mouths water.  And we plan to follow them on Facebook to get ideas from their very successful social media strategy. Want to join us?

Pick Up Sticks June Retailer of the Month – Beauty and the Beach

We’re big fans of clever business names at Pick Up Sticks (in fact, we think our own business name is a bit clever) and we all agree Beauty and the Beach, 30 Hwy 90 East, Little River, South Carolina (843-390-3700) is one our favorites.  Not only is the business name fun and smart, Beauty and the Beach is our choice for June’s Retailer of the Month.

Beauty and the Beach is a hair salon just minutes from Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.  They’ve been in business for 15 years, and they’ve seen jewelry lines come and go.  Why did they choose Pick Up Sticks?  Tammy Phillips of Beauty and the Beach says that along with the whimsy of the line, they really love the magic clips and the fact that the clips make the charms so easily interchangeable.

“Vintage bling” is what Tammy thinks of when someone mentions Pick Up Sticks, and she’s found that displaying the line so that customers can touch and see both sides of the charms works best for getting pieces sold.  “Wear it to sell it!” is the salon motto.  Customers who see their stylist wearing Pick Up Sticks are more likely to stop at the display on their way to the cash register.  And of course, once they see the line, customers are totally hooked into buying at least one charm.

When asked how Pick Up Sticks has changed the atmosphere of the retail space, Tammy says, “It’s definitely more fun!”  There’s nothing to get women buying jewelry like a couple of laughs while they’re choosing their charms.  The cross trinket and the alphabet charms sell well for Beauty and the Beach, as do the charms that say “blessed.”

Myrtle Beach is a gorgeous place to hang out, and we’re suspecting there are several of our lucky  readers who will get the privilege to spend part of their summer there.  While you’re in town, stop by Beauty & The Beach and tell them hello for us.  We wish we were at the beach right now. . .

Pick Up Sticks Retailer of the Month for May – Fiddle Stix

Fiddle Stix – fun name, very fun boutique setting, and located at 4165 Chappel Drive in Perrysburg, Ohio (419-931-2022).  We’re happy to feature Fiddle Stix as our May 2012 Retailer of the Month.

Fiddle Stix is a locally owned boutique and gallery that prides itself on exceptional customer service.  Jenelle Calverley says Fiddle Stix is the perfect destination for unique gifts and collectibles that are perfect for any occasion, whether it be a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or baby shower.

In addition to Pick Up Sticks, Fiddle Stix product lines include but are not limited to Vera Bradley handbags, Spartina scarves and handbags, Lindsay Phillips scarves and shoes, Trollbeads, Kameleon Jewelry, John Medeiros, Coton Colors ceramics, and Mud Pie.  They also offer stationary and invitations for any event.  Follow the store on on Facebook or visit them at www.fiddlestixboutique.com.

Jenelle says the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions “Pick Up Sticks Jewelry” is “unique and whimsical.  This line has a charming vintage feel that is so original it’s hard to find a comparison.”

She goes on to say, “We selected Pick Up Sticks for its uniqueness and one- of-a- kind charms.   The handmade collectibles are perfect for everyone and for every occasion.  The jewelry fits so perfectly in the fun and whimsical atmosphere of our store.”

Jenelle believes allowing customers to “interact” with the jewelry as much as possible drives sales:  “We display the charms on large round glass trays so the customers can interact with and examine the detailed photos. We like to create example pieces that illustrate to customers how the charms can be worn.  We encourage them to mix and match photos together to create a truly unique piece of art.  The best way to sell Pick Up Sticks though is to wear the jewelry so the customers can see how beautiful the pieces are!”  Her best advice:  Be sure customers can easily touch and see the product.

Fiddle Stix customers love to combine the initial charms with a unique charm that they feel best  describes themselves or the person they’re buying for.  They also love the humor in the jewelry.  “It makes it very enjoyable to sell and it makes the customer’s buying experience fun!  It definitely lightens the mood of the shop when people are browsing Pick Up Sticks.”

Jenelle shared the following story with us:  “I had a customer come in looking for a charm to put a photo in. It ended up being a gift for a friend who just lost her father. They decided to put a small photo of her father in the charm so every time she wore the necklace, she would be reminded of her dad. The friend had searched all over town for the perfect gift for her grieving friend, and it wasn’t until she came to Fiddle Stix did she find the meaningful gift she was looking for.”

Thanks Jenelle.  That’s why we do what we do – we want Pick Up Sticks to be a fun, whimsical, and meaningful gift for everyone.

If you’re in the Fiddle Stix neighborhood, drop in and say hi and choose a new charm.  It looks like a great place to shop!

Pick Up Sticks Retailer of the Month – Sadie Devaney and Sunny Days

When we chose Sadie Devaney at 269 Forest Avenue in Laguna Beach, California as our April Retailer of the Month, we wanted to get a feel for how it would be to shop the eclectic boutique.  So we checked out their Facebook Page .  And immediately wished we were close enough to drive over for a stroll through the store.  This place is cute, cute, cute, and full of what looks like a lot of fun and color and great products.  Including Pick Up Sticks.

Owners Deanna and Chelsie Frieze are the team behind Sadie Devaney.  They also own Sunny Days, another gorgeous boutique in equally gorgeous Newport Beach, CA, located at 304 Marine Avenue.

As an aside, we want to go on record saying that we’re very envious of retailers who get to have not one but two stores in places with the word “beach” in the name.

When asked how they chose the line, the Friezes say that they loved best the unique story and charm that went with the line.  “Pick Up Sticks is always coming up with fun new pieces that create excitement to our stores.”  They also like the vintage feel of the line and that it allows customers to create their own individual pieces to tell a story.

Trinkets and initial charms seem to do well in both Sadie Devaney and Sunny Days.  “Show customers how they can use the clips to easily change out their look.  And display the charms so that their accessible and can be flipped over so the opposite side can be seen.  Customers want to see what’s unique about each charm.”  The ability to mix and match seems to keep customers coming back for more.

Pick Up Sticks has changed the atmosphere of the store in that “Customers have fun reading the charms and designing their own pieces.  They tap into their creative minds and put together something that has meaning to them.”

When we asked them what we could do to improve the line, we got a great response.  “We love the line.  Keep adding fun new charms and our customers will keep coming back.”

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Laguna Beach or Newport Beach, stop by and give Deanna and Chelsie our best.  And pick up a new charm or two. . .

Pick Up Sticks Retailer of the Month – Albert F’s of Seaside, FL

Pick Up Sticks is proud to announce Albert F’s of Seaside, FL, as the November Retailer of the Month.  Albert F’s of Seaside is a tiny jewel of a boutique in the resort town of Seaside Florida located on the beautiful panhandle of the state.  Located in Seaside’s Ruskin Place Artist Colony, Albert F’s was opened by Brad and Holly, native Nashvillians, in 2000 after they made the move to the beach.

Since opening, Albert F’s has grown, changed and always embraced the arts.  Out of the shop, Brad and Holly provide interior design services along with a full array of gifts for him, her and the home.  And Holly is quick to say that Pick Up Sticks has consistently been a best seller in the store regardless of the season.

They love the vintage look of the designs, as well as, the mixture of humor, sweetness along with the mix and match ability of the line.  They also love the story behind the product.  “It’s clever and true,” Holly says.

Here’s what Holly told us about merchandising Pick Up Sticks:  “I have tried many display options and the mannequin option is far and above the best way to display PICK UP STICKS.  Along with the mannequin, we have a table with a “Jewelley”, a silver tray and an antique adding machine that we placed a velvet pad on with all of our initial charms.

Anytime I find anything vintage when I am shopping or going through items of mine I pull them to incorporate into the displays.  Last year I found these wonderful vintage post cards that I incorporated into the displays.  And frames are always good to use.  I put fabric over foam board for the “picture” and then assemble whatever PICK UP STICKS Display I like.  I have used suitcases and lamp shades as well.  IT’S FUN.  And I promote the line as a fun line for all ages.”

“It’s always good to have a few made up items as examples.  Then encourage shoppers to get in there and make their own custom piece of jewelry.  I have also found that it is important to have more charms on display than you really need to have.  MORE sells more.

Plus I keep my prices fair so people feel that are getting a great product for a great price…..which they are.  In this economy it is important to send out that message.  And when they purchase a piece I send it away in a tiny little jewelry bag with the PICK UP STICKS story card inside.  Shoppers are desperate to connect again with stores, products and artists.”

And does Holly have a special story about Pick Up Sticks.  Yes, she does.  In fact, it’s one of our favorites – makes us feel like rock stars:

“While I don’t sell too many Pick Up Sticks to the male shoppers, I did have one very interesting male buyer.  He’s a well-known song writer from Nashville who has had several hits with many country music acts.  He purchased charms and ball chain necklaces for each of his staff members.  And lastly he bought a ball chain necklace with a clever gender neutral charm for TIM McGRAW who had just recorded the writer’s song for the movie THE BLIND SIDE.  I was so thrilled and honored that he wanted to give a little piece of PICK UP STICKS and ALBERT F’s to Tim McGraw.”

We’re thrilled and honored too.  Good work, Holly!

Holly says Pick Up Sticks has added a happier and sweeter mood to the store.  She’s shared lots of giggles and smiles with people as they “play” with the charms and accessories.

When we asked her how we could improve, she said that she’s always been impressed with the customer service we provide.  “Your staff has always been very accommodating to my needs which is so appreciated as I am a very small business.  Turnaround times for all orders are so fast too.  Keep up the good work!”  (Once again, hats off to Jalaina, Candace and Brenda for making our customers so happy.)

Holly’s parting words?  “Keep doing great jewelry and keep coming up with great marketing materials.  We love your product.”

Find Albert F’s at www.albertfs.com, and at 209 Ruskin Place, Seaside, FL (800) 974-5203.

Pick Up Sticks Retailer of the Month – Terry’s Floral of Logan, New Mexico

Betty Terry of Terry’s Floral and Gifts, located at 1001 Yucca in Logan, New Mexico, might seem to have a distinct advantage over most Pick Up Sticks retailers.  After all, her shop is located in the hometown of Glena and Sabrina, the team behind Pick Up Sticks.  In fact, it’s in the converted garage of Sabrina’s childhood home and just down the street from where Glena grew up.  Just by virtue of her store’s location, you might think there’s some Pick Up Sticks creative brainpower floating around in the air.


And of course, she knows Glena and Sabrina personally.  They grew up with her daughter, played in her yard, ran their car up and down her driveway, even ran through her front door for years, either in search of Bunny or something to wear out of her closet.  Betty knows the why and wherefore of Pick Up Sticks because she knows the why and wherefore of Glena and Sabrina.  Sounds advantageous, doesn’t it? 

But then there’s the size of Logan – not such a distinct advantage.  With a population of approximately 1,100 (yes, you read that right.  Glena and Sabrina grew up in a village without stoplights, crime or a movie theater. . .), Logan lacks what most retailers need most:  buyers in large numbers.  Despite this lack, Betty became an exclusive retailer just a few months after she began selling Pick Up Sticks. 


So we decided to make her our September Retailer of the Month.  We figured if Betty and Terry’s Floral can become an exclusive retailer and order $1,500 of product in a year’s time (although truth be told, she’s way past that number), anyone can do it.  We asked her for tips to pass along to you, and here’s what she told us:

“It’s all about getting charms out there where everyone can see and touch them.  My business is primarily floral, and for a small town, people in Logan really love to buy flowers for one another.  When I put a loaded  Judy bust form on the floor right in the path of every shopper, Pick Up Sticks started flying out the door.  My Judy’s an eye-catcher, and once she stops them in their tracks to take a look, customers are hooked.”

Terry’s Floral also has an active Facebook page (http://on.fb.me/oNGBQ8) on which Betty posts lots of Pick Up Sticks images, news and links to any new blog posts.  She makes sure her fans know when she gets a new shipment, posting several times each week so that collectors don’t miss the chance to buy something new.  She says if you’re not using Facebook to promote your product and your Pick Up Sticks, you’re missing a great marketing tool.

Finally, she offers initial charms on a ribbon to go with floral arrangements.  It’s a relatively inexpensive add-on that makes a bouquet immediately more personal. 

And of course, when she heads out to the Post Office every morning to pick up the mail and visit with her neighbors, Betty’s wearing her Pick Up Sticks.  “Sometimes I think I sell as much on the street as I do in the store,” she says. 

“I love selling Pick Up Sticks.  My shop is a hodge-podge of new and old things – a fun place to shop.  Pick Up Sticks is very popular here – possible because the owners/designers are local gals, but most of all because the charms are unique.  Every customer can find one that fits her personality or that of a friend.  They are great gifts for any occasion – some are quirky, some are serious, and I find that most shoppers want several to mix and match.  And the new clips are great – they make charms easy to exchange quickly.”

Great tips, and great job, Betty.  Congratulations to Terry’s Floral and Gifts of Logan, New Mexico (575-487-2420), for being our September Retailer of the Month.  Terry’s is proof positive that anyone anywhere can be a successful Pick Up Sticks Retailer!

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