Carly Christman and Pick Up Sticks – We’re on Youtube!!!

The beautiful Carly - be sure to check out the link to her video!

  Carly Cristman, Youtube video star extraordinaire.  At least that’s how we see her.  She does amazing videos on a regular basis, discussing her latest fashion and style finds.  And she’s featured Pick Up Sticks on her channel, not once but twice, which makes her even more of a rock star in our opinion.

We recently tracked Carly down and asked her a series of questions.  Here are her responses.  Check out her first video at (“First Day of School”).  The second is (“My  August Favorites”)  – you’re going to love these!

Pick Up Sticks: How did you get the idea for a fashion video series?

CC:  My friend, Hanh (ahanhbarbie34) actually was the one who inspired me to make videos.  She has been making beauty videos for years and has always told me I should consider starting my own channel.  I finally decided to make style videos, because fashion is my true passion.

P:  You’re incredibly talented at locating “finds” for your video – are you just lucky or do you spend lots of time searching for the perfect item to feature?

CC:  I don’t search for items to feature.  I search for perfect pieces to add to my wardrobe, and then make videos on how to wear current trends.  Often these pieces come from more inexpensive retailers, but it’s not about luck, it’s about having an eye for fashion.  It’s about the lines, fit and seaming.  Once you know what shapes flatter your body, finding perfect pieces becomes easy.

P: What’s the funnest part of creating the video every week?  Do  you do all the filming yourself or do you have a crew?

CC:  I do everything myself- the filming, the lighting, the editing, the styling.  The videos are fun because they just show what I do naturally.  I try to make my videos fun and upbeat, a few minute break from the real world that’s just great style combined with cool editing and upbeat music.

P:  What’s your background – are you from the East Coast, Midwest, South, etc.? Are you going to college, working in the fashion field, etc? What are your plans for the future?

CC:  I’m a Chicago girl.  I was born and raised in the suburbs of the city, and I LOVE living here.  I graduated with my first degree in political science with minors in studio art and art history, and now I’m working towards further studies in interactive media, such as video editing and web design.  I would love a career in styling or fashion.

P:  How did you locate Pick Up Sticks Jewelry?

CC:  My sister came home wearing an adorable charm necklace that I could not stop staring at.  She told me a store near us had some different types of them.  After looking, I searched for the website to see if there were any different styles.

P:  Besides the charms you feature on your videos, do you have any other fave pieces that you’re dying to own?

CC:  I find pieces on the site that I want each time I look at the site.  I’m really into decorating as well, and I think the jewelry displays are so cute.  I also would love if other famous individuals would be featured on your charms- an Andy Warhol charm with “the idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting” would be my absolute favorite.

P:  What’s your best advice for Pick Up Sticks fans? How can they think outside the box and create they own personal style?

CC:  Personal style is your opportunity to do and be exactly who you want.  Creating a style that is both fashionable and unique comes from knowing what you like as well as what works on your body.  Once you understand what type of clothing is most flattering and comfortable, you can decide the messages you also want your clothing to portray.  And cute accessories are always the best addition to any outfit

P:  If you were to enter a design contest for Pick Up Sticks Jewelry… what would it look like, and what would it say?”

CC:  If I were to enter a design contest for Pick Up Sticks Jewelry, I would stick with the style of the jewelry while incorporating my own personality.  Instead of a past iconic quote, I would include my own phrase specific to my channel. “Don’t you look fabulous?”

P:  We’re all dying to know – has the video proven to be a profitable venture or are you just doing it for fun?

CC:  My channel has grown to be more than I thought it would.  My videos have opened the door to work with great companies and exposed me to many opportunities that I would not otherwise have.  So my answer to that question would be that it has indeed been beneficial fiscally as well as personally.

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