Pick Up Sticks Retailer of the Month for August 2010 – April Daze in Stuart, Florida


For August 2010, we’ve chosen April Daze in Florida as our Retailer of the Month.  One look at the photos of their displays will convince you that this store knows and loves this line. 

April from April Daze found us in Atlanta, and immediately began successfully  retailing Pick Up Sticks, following our suggestions by using a loaded Judy as an eye-catching display.  She even purchased a second Judy to incorporate her other lines (see photo on the right above) with Pick Up Sticks.   Candy initials and alphabet charms are great sellers at April Daze, and her customers seem to love the queen-themed charms and word candy.

Samantha at April Daze (308 Colorado Street in Stuart, Florida; 772-221-1062)   says:   “These creative charms make the best gift for women of any age.  Our customers are honestly addicted to these wonderful little treasures.  With so many to choose from, they are sure to match any personality.  Pick Up Sticks Jewelry is so uniquely displayed, it’s hard to look away!” 

We love hearing that customers are quite harmlessly addicted to Pick Up Sticks.  Keep it up April Daze!

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