Holiday Charms


Early November.  Prime time for getting the absolute most bang-for-your-buck from all your holiday shoppers.  For those of you who love, love, love the holidays, we suspect that you are, at this very moment, admiring the oversized blue and silver glass ornaments in your window display and gazing fondly at the glittery star garland decorating your store’s holiday trees, under which you’ve placed the hottest of your new items. 

For those of you who whisper “Bah humbug” under your breath, we’ll refrain from telling you exactly how many shopping days (retail opps in the biz) you have until Christmas day.

Whatever your stance on the holidays, Pick Up Sticks has holiday charms that will get your customers in the mood for gift-giving and party-going.  If you haven’t placed an order for holiday charms yet, take a look at these fabulous combos (nothing like a little extra bling for that office gala, right?) and get your order in now. 

The best thing about these charms is that they’ll remain relevant and wearable long after the mistletoe has been put away.    Unlike a Christmas sweater, you can wear these charms year round.  Also unlike a Christmas sweater they look good on everyone.  And the best part is, one size fits all!

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