Pick Up Sticks Retailer of the Month for July 2010 – The Purple Poppy

The Purple Poppy's Judy

. . .And here it is – the news you’ve been waiting for – the Pick Up Sticks retailer of the month for July 2010:  The Purple Poppy, 2850 Arapahoe Road Suite 108, Lafayette, CO 80026, 720-921-5471.  We love the Purple Poppy, and they love Pick Up Sticks Jewelry.  Here’s just a taste of what the Purple Poppy is like:

The Purple Poppy celebrated its grand opening on Friday, May 28th, and with that opening, Lafayette,  Colorado gained a unique boutique that caters to customers who are interested in an eclectic mix of fine home furnishings as well as an inspired selection of jewelry, clothing, stationery, and novelty items.  Nestled in Lafayette’s Atlas Valley Shopping Center, local owner Angie Radawicz has brought together a distinctive collection of hand-painted, solid mahogany furniture, unique and fun lamps, colorful rugs fashioned from New Zealand wool and a wide variety of fun things  “My inspiration for opening the Purple Poppy was fueled by my own desire for the type of products we carry, and the lack of a  venue in Lafayette that served these tastes, said Angie Radawicz. “As I selected the items that define the Purple Poppy, I also took care to see that customers of all ages and budgets will be able to find something they love”.   

This is Angie’s first retail store and Pick Up Sticks was the first line she picked to carry in The Purple Poppy.  “I saw them on your Judy at Dallas market and knew they would be a perfect fit for The Purple Poppy so I ordered the entire line.    As I had hoped, our Pick Up Sticks charms have been flying out the door since the day we opened and we just received our new summer charms.  Judy sits next to my register and is an immediate eye catcher when customers are entering the store.  Customers love putting together their own unique and personal gifts – I have sold them for birthdays, mother’s day, teacher’s gifts and lots of “just thinking of you” gifts.  There is hardly a customer in the store that doesn’t stop to hang out with Judy and they continue to be our best selling accessory line.”

“In my shopping center, I even have a cult following:  a group of women who work in my shopping center that comes in almost every day to see Judy.  They all own at least one charm but many own multiple and continue to add to their collections.   They wear their necklaces in their store and are constantly raving about Pick Up Sticks (and The Purple Poppy) to their own customers!!!  It was a frenzy the day my new summer charms arrived.”

Thanks, Angie.  Now doesn’t that make you want to spend an afternoon wandering through the Purple Poppy?  Us too!

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