Pick Up Sticks Employee Favorites – Candace’s Choices


If you’re one of our retailers, we hope you’ve been fortunate enough to meet Candace, the Pick Up Sticks girl who enthusiastically greets you in the booth at market and takes your order when you phone or e-mail the office.  She’s indispensable as well as being our biggest fan.  We couldn’t do our job without her.

When we asked her to tell us about her favorite necklace, charm and trinket combination, she couldn’t limit her choice to just one.  So here are a couple. .

In Candace’s words:

“I love to wear the My Family charm (DT010) with the  You & Me 4 Ever (BB012). I wear the BB012 on the 4ever side because the wording on both of those charms side-by-side sums up the lifetime dream I have, which is that my family will be forever. Another great perk of wearing these two charms together is the fact that the colors match perfectly, and are sure to bring attention to them (just another excuse to brag about my family). I wear the Bee Necklace (NK004) with these two charms because it reminds me to always ‘Bee’ thankful for my family.”


And for her second choice, Candace says:

“Here is another favorite family-related combo. I am wearing the  Two In Love (LV050) with the Bubble “J” (BBIOJ) and a Magnifier trinket (PT182)  on a 36” Stainless chain (SS036). I really like the 36″ chain because of its simplicity and perfect length, which allows me to layer it with my other favorite necklaces. The LV050 means so much to me because I have the best little girl I could have ever prayed for due to my husband and me falling in love. The BBI0J is my new favorite initial because of its bright eye-grabbing colors, and because it describes my life perfectly with my little Jemma in it -Jubilant! Lastly, I chose the magnifying glass because it symbolizes my love for my family. It magnifies with every new day. . .”


Do you have a favorite necklace combo?  We’d love to hear about and see it. . .just e-mail a description and images to us at marketing@pickupsticks.net and we may feature it on Facebook or right here.

Pick Up Sticks and Winter Markets 2013

Pick Up Sticks Atlanta Booth

Pick Up Sticks Atlanta Booth

As I write this blog post, Sabrina and Bruce are in the midst of packing their bags for the Atlanta show, which starts on January 11 and continues through the 15th.  (Atlanta International Gift Market – Americas Mart, Merchandise Mart, Booth #802, Atrium, Handmade, Building 3, 2nd floor).

Sabrina in Atlanta Booth

Sabrina in Atlanta Booth

They’ll be traveling next week, carting two weeks worth of warm outfits, fur-lined boots (Sabrina will be, anyway. . .) and all the pre-market excitement that accompanies Pick Up Sticks when someone from the company heads to Market.  From Atlanta, the two of them will head to Chicago to the Beckman’s Handcrafted Show at the Chicago Market ( Booth #8-6030, Jan 19 – 22, 2013).

Bruce with the Pick Up Sticks crate, pre-setup

Bruce with the Pick Up Sticks crate, pre-setup

And just a few days after Sabrina and Bruce return to New Mexico, Glena and Candace head to the New York International Gift Show at the Javits Convention Center, which will run from January 27 – 30, 2013 (Booth 8531, Personal Accessories).  Later in February, Glena and Candace will be in Las Vegas, NV, at the Pool Trade Show at Mandalay Bay from February 19 – 21.

It’s our bread and butter, the market season. We love seeing old customers and meeting new ones, cultivating the community that makes up our very loyal, creative and fun retailers.  Our greatest goal is always to help you build your business and make your retail space a success (well, that, and finding just one more amazing new restaurant in each city we visit. . .)

Glena and Candace at the New York International Gift Fair

Glena and Candace at the New York International Gift Fair

We’ve written about Market many times before, and it bears repeating.  When you show up in our booth, we’re going to treat you with respect and we’re going to help you buy within your budget.  We very clearly mark our best-sellers so that you’ll know what works for our other retail customers.

And as always, your credit card never gets charged until the day we ship, which is a date you choose. If you need a quick ship, we’re all about trying to get your order out within a day or two of your order being placed.

Be sure to take a look at our post from last year, in which Glena and Sabrina list their Top Ten List of Tips for Buyers. A buying plan, comfortable shoes and carrying lots of business cards are just some of the great advice you’ll find in that post.

Chicago booth

Pick Up Sticks is all about fun and whimsy and human stories and great connections. Going to Market reinforces all of those qualities and we’re always excited to get in the booth and show you our new designs while we hear your stories about satisfied customers, display plans and how much you enjoy selling our jewelry.

To check out our official calendar, go to http://www.pickupsticks.net/US/press_show_sched/press_show_sched.html.  If you’re in Canada, Pick Up Sticks will be in Toronto at the CGTA Show, Toronto International Centre and Toronto Congress Centre, North Building, #11359, (Tani Investments), from January 27  – 31, 2013.

For those of you in the UK, find us at Top Drawer Spring, Earls Court Exhibition Centre, Olympia, London, England – Stand ZA 31 from Jan 13 – 15, 2013, and at Spring Fair International, Birmingham, England, Listed as Absolutely Devine, Hall 18, Stand 18D66, February 3 – 7, 2013

If for some reason you won’t be on the road this year, feel free to check out our online store at http://www.pickupsticks.net.  Call the studio for ideas or with any questions.

Otherwise, can’t wait to see you in Atlanta, Chicago, New York or Vegas!

Inspiring Spaces of Pick Up Sticks – Candace’s House

By now you all know Candace – she’s the voice behind your phone order, the friendly face at market, the adorable blonde who could probably sell ice to Eskimos.  She never meets a stranger, and she says all the time that one of her favorite things in the world is getting to know Pick Up Sticks retailers in the booth.

Candace and the very adorable Jemma

We’re lucky to have her.  Her enthusiasm and positive disposition make it a pleasure to come into the studio every day.

Ndomukong, the sweetest German Shepherd in the world, according to Candace

Her house reflects all those qualities.  Warm, friendly, comfortable. . .when you drop in on Candace at home, she’s smiling and just as enthusiastic as she is with Pick Up Sticks customers.

She lives there with her husband Joe, her two year-old daughter Jemma, and two dogs who run the show – Luke the Shih Tzu and Ndomukong from the previous photo.

Candace loves snuggling up in front of the fireplace with Joe and Jemma and the dogs, but the kitchen is quickly becoming one of her favorite rooms.  She’s rapidly learning to cook for her little family, and even offered to share her recipe for pecan bars.

Candace is a Pick Up Sticks treasure and we couldn’t run the studio without her!    Let us know if you try her recipe. . .

Candace’s Pecan Bars

Crust Ingredients:  2 sticks unsalted butter, 2/3 cup packed brown sugar, 2 2/3 cups all-purpose flour, ½ tsp. salt

Filling ingredients:  1 stick unsalted butter, 1 cup packed light brown sugar, 1/3 cup honey, 2 tbl spoons heavy cream, 2 cups chopped pecans

Preheat oven to 350. Line 9×13 inch pan with foil with 2” overhang on all sides.

Make crust by creaming together the butter and brown sugar until fluffy. Add the flour and salt and mix until crumbly.  Press the crust into the foil-lined pan and bake for 20 min until golden brown.

While the crust bakes, prepare the filling by combining the butter, brown sugar, honey and heavy cream in a saucepan and stirring it over medium heat. Simmer the mixture for 1 minute, then stir in the chopped pecans.

Remove the crust form the oven and immediately pour the pecan filling over the hot crust, spreading it to cover the entire surface.

Return the pan to the oven and bake an additional 20 min.

Remove the pan and allow the bars to fully cool in the pan.

Use the foil overhang to lift out the bars and transfer them to a cutting board. Cut and enjoy!

The Inspiring Spaces of Pick Up Sticks – Glena’s House

Glena, Daphney (miniature Dachsund) and Logan (standard poodle) on her front porch, surrounded by the results of her gardening skills.

In our previous post on Sabrina’s house, we talked at length about how the homes of the Pick Up Sticks crew are their own form of art and inspiration.  Having a place that both envelopes you with comfort and provides you with inspiration has always been Glena and Sabrina’s goal.  I’ve known them both forever, and their ability to create a home that is both beautiful and inviting is pretty incredible.

What’s even more amazing is how Glena’s home reflects her personality.  Glena’s the details person at Pick Up Sticks.  She’s the partner with the business and finance degree who, while helping with the creative process, makes the train run and stay on the tracks.  She’s the precision behind the ordering process, setting up the shows, handling the inventory issues, keeping the staff on track. . . and interestingly enough, even though she’s a details person, she also has an innate ability to see the entire big picture, making sure every piece of the puzzle fits.

Her house is, like Glena, a collection of appealing details that make for a very comfortable and beautiful whole.  Her living room, pictured above and below, is the perfect blend of new furniture she purchased at market (she says she loves Guildmaster), antiques, and odds and ends she’s picked up at junk stores.  You can see that the couch is big enough for the entire family.  It’s where they pile up with dogs and drinks and popcorn and watch movies.

Her favorite piece of furniture in the entire house is the antique seed cabinet pictured above.  It was originally in a hardware store, and every drawer is metal-lined because its purpose was to store a variety of grains and flower seeds.  She uses it to display her favorite things, including her collection of antique clocks.

Who wouldn’t be inspired in Glena’s kitchen? I love this room – it’s the place where we all tend to congregate in the evenings, waiting on one of her go-to dishes which include red chile enchiladas, calabacitas, grilled salmon and grilled artichokes (hmmmmm.  Do we need to do a blog post with recipes for those dishes?  Wouldn’t that be a treat?  Because they are truly delicious.)  Warm and inviting, the kitchen is an exact reflection of who Glena is – she wants her family and friends nearby so that she can take care of the details for all of us.

And then there’s the closet.  Leave it to Glena to turn one of her extra bedrooms into a closet and then meticulously organize it, moving her washer and dryer in as well.  This is an idea she had in high school.  In the dreaded home ec class, we were all required to draw plans for our dream house.  Guess which detail Glena drew in that none of the rest of us had thought of?  The convenience of being able to take clothes right out of the dryer and hang them in the same room never dawned on the rest of us.

Glena’s all about the details AND all about the big picture.  We all know that from how smoothly the business end of Pick Up Sticks runs every day.  And now you know it from seeing her house.

Be sure to check back next week for more inspiration from the homes of the Pick Up Sticks crew.  And I’ll work on getting that red chile enchilada recipe for you. . .

Pick Up Sticks Top 10 List of Tips for Buyers at Market

We’ve just finished up a week at the Dallas Market.  Now we’re headed to Atlanta’s AmericasMart July 13 – 17 (Building 3, Floor 2, Booth #802, Atrium, Handmade) and then on to Chicago for the Beckman’s Handcrafted Show (Booth #8-6030) July 21 – 24.

We always look forward to market for a number of reasons – seeing old friends in our booth, meeting new retailers, trading stories with other wholesale vendors and great food in old favorite haunts as well new restaurants.

But the primary reason we go to market is to build relationships and to help you build your business.  We know that the more we help you make your retail space a success, the more likely you are to return to Pick Up Sticks.  And the better we feel about what we’re doing every day.  We’re in the business of building long-term relationships that will help us both succeed.

Show up in our booth, and this is how you’ll be treated:  Friendly.  There’s no pressure to order, we help you buy within your budget, we give you real info on what’s selling best (not the dead-wood that we are trying to get rid of), we let you know if anyone is selling the line in your area, and we’ll even let you know which othe lines appear to be hot and trendy.  Best of all, should you decide to order from us, we won’t charge your credit card until the day your order ships.

And if you want it shipped quickly?  We’re on it. We pride ourselves on being able to ship within a day or two of taking your order if that’s what you want.

Instead of a hard sell, we’re going to work hard to educate ourselves about your business by asking “What kind of store do you have?  Who are your primary customers?  Do you carry something similar?  How do you display it, or how to you plan to display Pick Up Sticks?”  We know you’re making an important investment decision, so once we’ve learned about your needs, we’re going to go out of our way to provide you with helpful information about our line. Your store’s success is very important to us.

And what can you do to make that entire process easier for yourself?  We’ve created a Top Ten List of Tips for Buyers.  After more than a decade hanging out at these shows, we have an idea or two that you might find very helpful.  Here they are:

  1. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again and again and again.  Wear comfortable shoes.  Bring at least two pair of comfortable shoes and change them every day, because even your most comfy ones can get uncomfortable at market.  We preach this one because comfortable shoes are a necessity, not an option. Some exhibitors even joke that if the buyer is not in comfortable shoes, they’re not a serious buyer.
  2. Use the Buyer’s Guide to create a shopping plan. If you’ve never to market before, you’re going to be overwhelmed by both the size of the physical layout as well as by the myriad of choices you have in new product.  You have limited time – be sure to use it wisely and check out everything on your list.
  3. If it’s your first time at the Atlanta market, you’re going to find Cash & Carry to be an extremely tempting place to spend a lot of cash in a hurry.  If at all possible, we suggest that you walk through Cash & Carry for ideas, but save the real spending there for the end of the show.  Once you compare the quality of the permanent showrooms and handmade with Cash & Carry’s products, you may be less inclined to spend the majority of your budget there.
  4. This tip comes from our friend, Susan Davis at Grandmother’s Buttons, but its well worth sharing:  Shop the Temporaries first. Do NOT spend all of your money in the permanent showrooms. So often the freshest designs come from the young companies with temporary booths.
  5. As we said in paragraph 2, have a plan.  But be ready to break it if you find a product that’s so new and wonderful that you might decide to create an entirely new area in your store for it.  When you’re drawn to something, trust your instincts and place an order.  After all, this is why you come to market after all, isn’t it?  To find fabulous, fresh new lines for your store AND to expand on the lines that are so successful?
  6. Ask vendors how they can support your web, email and social media promotions with photographs or other information. This will save you a lot of research time when you get home.
  7. Bring A LOT of business cards, or our favorite… stickers! This way we can make sure your order will be shipped to the right place. Complete and accurate contact information is crucial. Please include the following information: your name, store name, billing address, shipping addresses, fax number and email address.  Also bring copies of your tax ID information and business license.
  8. If you’re a current Pick Up Sticks customer, bring a list or a picture of your store’s inventory so you know what you’re out of, and what you need to replace. If we had a dollar for all the times we’ve heard, “I know I’m out of several initials, but I can’t remember which ones. . .”  we could buy us all dinner in Atlanta!
  9. Ask vendors what’s hot this season.  They’ve probably already been to at least one market, and they’ve wandered the aisles and done their own research.  A good vendor will always lead you to at least one more wonderful idea in addition to their own product.
  10. Finally, after all that shopping, you’re not going to want to stand in line at a restaurant.  Go to www.opentable.com and make reservations for each night.  While it may sound a bit rigid, you’re going to love knowing that you have a table waiting for you at the end of a ten hour shopping day.  Don’t know where to eat?  Go to www.yelp.com and plug in the city name you’ll be visiting and a search query like “best dinner downtown.”  You’ll get dozens of civilian reviews to help you make a choice.

And finally, if you can’t make it market this year, take time to browse through our online catalog at www.pickupsticks.net and then call the studio with any questions or for suggestions. We want your Pick Up Sticks experience to be successful and fun.

See you at market!

Pick Up Sticks New Designs and See You in Dallas!

Pick Up Sticks is on the road again this week, heading to the Dallas Market Center for the Dallas Finds Show from June 21 to 24, 2012.  We’ll be on the 13th Floor in Booth 9001, showing off all our new designs, as well as all the old favorites.

The new designs are all about fun and color and whimsy, and if you’re an exclusive customer of Pick Up Sticks, you can get a 10% discount on your Pick Up Sticks order as long as the order is placed no later than July 11, 2012.

Prefer to do your shopping in the booth in Dallas?  We’re offering the same great deal to our exclusives who come in to the booth to say hello and place their order there.  This offer excludes any show specials, but otherwise it’s a great way to stock up on Pick Up Sticks new designs.

We love our exclusive retailers, and we want you to know it.  Not sure whether you’re an exclusive or not?  Just call the studio to see how close you might be, and then order enough to get you to exclusive status.  We’d love to share this great deal with you!

See you in Dallas.  If we miss you there, we’ll be in Atlanta from July 13 to 17, in Chicago at the Beckman’s Handcrafted Show from July 21 – 24, and in New York at the New York International Gift Fair August 19 – 22.  Get location and booth details here.

Pick Up Sticks Mentors III – Gil Tani and Lothantique

When we were just starting out in this biz, we didn’t make a concerted effort to find mentors.  We just sort of stumbled upon them.  Remember Hondo and Alice?  We met him while taking a break.  Carol the Seaglass Girl?  Sat up down the aisle from us and took us under her wing.

Gil's Pick Up Sticks booth in Toronto

Always, just at the moment when we felt like maybe our business needed a bit of tweaking, someone came along who had knowledge and experience, and by paying attention and listening, we learned amazing things.

It’s difficult to say which of our mentors gave us the most guidance, but we definitely want to recognize Gil Tani and Lothantique.  We wrote about him before in this blog – we called him our own Pick Up Sticks rock star.  Gil is our distributor in Canada and his distribution company operates under Lothantique, Inc..  He’s also the owner of gorgeous retail space, Belle de Provence, in Toronto, so he has vast experience selling elegant gifts.

The rock star himself, Gil Tani at the New York International Gift Fair

Meeting Gil and his wife Yvonne when we did always felt a little like serendipity.  Things hadn’t worked out well with our distributor in Canada, and Yvonne  happened to walk into our booth in Atlanta on the right day.  After discussing our needs, she led us to Gil so that we could talk to him about taking over the market in Canada.  We’ve often discussed how we felt an instant connection with both of them.

Our business in Canada soared under Gil’s direction, and this year he’s helped get us into the European market.  We’re headed to London to do a show this fall, and all the credit goes to Gil!

Gil is a man of much action and few words, so when we asked him to give us a paragraph or two for this blog, he predictably didn’t waste a lot of space.  Here’s what he said:

“We initially got acquainted with Pick Up Sticks as a retailer, we found the line at the Atlanta Gift Show, and carried it in our Belle de Provence store. Two years later we were doing well with the product in our store and Sabrina & Glena were looking for a distributor in Canada.  As we love the line we volunteered to represent them in Canada. We found Glena & Sabrina very open & friendly and the connection was instant.

In regards to advice, I told them to concentrate on what works!”

Gil's fabulous sales team selling Pick Up Sticks in Toronto

We’re forever grateful to Gil and Yvonne for taking a chance with Pick Up Sticks and for continuing to give us ideas for building our business.  Check out their websites – their product is gorgeous and very luxurious and we’re sure you’re going to want to place an order.

And if you’re in London in September, stop in and see us.  Thanks, Gil, for inspiring us to make that big move!

Pick Up Sticks Mentors Part II: Carol the Seaglass Girl

Here’s the second in our series on the folks who have been such incredible mentors to us over the years.  As we said in our post about Hondo and Alice, we never could have been so successful without the help of our fellow artists.  Carol Hall (we’ve always just called her “Carol the Seaglass Girl”) was one of the first people we met at the Atlanta show at AmericasMart.

Carol Hall and her beautiful daughter, Rowan

Back in the day when we really had no idea what terms like “net 30” and “lead time” and “minimum order” meant, Carol sat across the aisle and gave us great tips.  She shared show stories and advice on where to spend our market booth budget wisely.  And she told us hilarious tales about how much fun this life would be once we figured out what we were doing.  When we asked her to write a bit about our relationship, she totally skipped the details about herself and her fun jewelry and only wrote about Pick Up Sticks.

A pair of Carol's seaglass earrings. Find them and more at http://www.seaglass.us/

Our advice to you?  Check out these photos of Carol’s beautiful seaglass creations and then check out her website at http://www.seaglass.us/.  You can also follow her on Facebook.  It’s a totally different look from Pick Up Sticks, but we love Carol’s jewelry!

Here’s what Carol had to say about Pick Up Sticks:

“I can’t remember the first time I met the Pick Up Sticks girls, and I’m not sure any of us want to mark that many years going by, for the sake of our own vanity. We clicked so fast it feels like I’ve known them forever. I do vividly remember the first time I introduced my daughter, Rowan, to them.

She was about 12 and knew their work from seeing it scattered throughout my enormous jewelry box, and from having a few special pieces of her own. She loved the eclectic, glamorous aesthetic, that felt like they had been made for her, so she was excited to meet the two girls that she believed personally created her entire jewelry wardrobe.

Little did Rowan know that Glenna and Sabrina are as fun and beguiling as their work. We were at a trade show (an important working event for both the Pick Up Sticks Girls and myself, where we meet our clients and write orders for the coming season). I thought we would dash by for a quick meet and greet.

Rowan modeling her Mother's seaglass jewelry

The introduction quickly turned into a “Rowan, come by the booth at the end of the day and hang with us!” And “hanging” turned into exploring through all their beautiful jewelry, and exploring turned into Rowan, Glenna, and Sabrina playing dress up; wearing more necklaces than I would have thought possible and still looking effortlessly fun.

My daughter is 18 now, but she, the girls, and I still make time to “hang out” during every show. Dress up with Sabrina and Glenna after long days of work is always the best!

One of our favorite pieces from Carol's collection - the Coca-Cola bracelet

I have always been smitten with the loving relationship the girls have with each other, and how that translates into jewelry that feels so personal. Their designs have always spoken to a desire to express individuality – revealing unexpected choices by layering designs or finding hidden messages on the backs of pendants, and combining simple style with over the top bling.

There is joy in their work and in their working together as soul sisters. I can remember being across from them at shows and secretly desiring to be 6″ taller, blonde and have a buttery Texas Drawl. Ah, to be a Pick Up Sticks Girl…..

But that’s them. And isn’t it joyful that two girls so different than I am, can so effortlessly express what I want with their jewelry, and what a young girl wants, and so many others. They prove more than any artists I have met, that joyful work attracts people into your spin. I am lucky I was one of the many drawn to them!”

Awww!  Thanks Carol.  Your kind words bring tears to our eyes.  Can’t wait to see you down the aisle in New York soon!

We’re Headed Back to Chicago! (And Atlanta and New York. . .)

Pick Up Sticks Show Booth

The big news this week at Pick Up Sticks?  We’re going on the road!  The bigger news?  We’re headed back to Chicago to Beckman’s Handcrafted Show from July 30 to August 2 – we’ll be in Booth #8-7029.  It’s been a couple of years since we did the Chicago show and we’re really excited to have added it back into our schedule.  We love our Midwestern retailers, and we love the city –  where else can you go to market during the day and then catch a baseball game and eat Harry Caray’s fries in the evening? 

Adding Chicago this year meant that we had to leave out the Dallas market.  If we missed you in Dallas, we’re hoping we’ll see you in Atlanta at the International Gift Market at Americas Mart (Building 3, Floor 2, Booth 802 in the Atrium from July 15 to 19) or at the New York International Gift Fair (Javitz Convention Center, Booth 9285 in Handmade from August 13 to 17). 

As those of you who have attended market know, there’s really no comparison to buying at market.  You get to see our jewelry on display, you get to handle and try on the new charms, you have the chance to ask questions, and this year, you’ll get a hands-on demonstration of the new magic clip.   You’ll also see how pretty the new spacers make every charm combination.  Because our new dots initials and numbers don’t photograph as well as they look in person, you’ll be able to see that  they truly are stunning.  And best of all, buying at market gives you access to our show specials – something you can ONLY get at market.

But sometimes market can be daunting.  After years of attending, we came up with a list of hints we think you’ll find helpful.  We’re not experts, but if you want a truly productive and less wearing market adventure, consider these tips:

1.      Comfortable shoes are not an option.  Some exhibitors even make the joke that if the buyer is not in comfortable shoes, they’re not a serious buyer.

2.      Get a market directory with a good map and hold on to it!  Get ready to dog-ear the pages and make notes in the margins.  If you see something you really like, circle their information.  That way if you don’t have a chance to get back to order something that appealed to you, you’ll at least have contact information when you get home 

3.      Bring A LOT of business cards, or our favorite… stickers!  This way we can make sure your order will be shipped to the right place.  Complete and accurate contact information is crucial.  Please include the following information: your name, store name, billing address, shipping addresses, fax number and email address.

4.      Carry a copy of your Tax ID and Business License in your bag.  Exhibitors need this number on file for tax purposes. 

5.      Please don’t take photographs unless you have permission.  Most markets don’t allow any photography.

6.      Strategy:  Shop the Temporaries FIRST.  You’ll often find designs in the Temporaries that can’t be found anywhere else.  Most buyers agree that the Temporaries have the newest, freshest and most original products.

7.      Next, shop your top merchandise categories.  Having a plan ensures you don’t miss floors or aisles you intend to see.

8.      If you find a new line that you can’t live without, the best place to buy is at market, in person.  Why?  Booths in the Temporaries often have the owners and designers in attendance.  There is no one better to tell you about the line, help you sell more, and guide you through the ordering process than the person who created the product.  And it’s always good to be able to tell your retail customers, “I met this artist, and you’re going to love this line. . .”

Find products that you love.  Comparison shop.  Trust yourself.  Place an order.

And finally, if you can’t make it market this year, take time to browse through our online catalog at www.pickupsticks.net and then call the studio with any questions or for suggestions.  We want your Pick Up Sticks experience to be successful and fun. 

See you at market!

Pick Up Sticks – New Booth Design

We’ve already said it in a previous post – January 2011 was a month for the record books as far as wintry weather goes – Atlanta and New York both received FIVE times as much snow as they usually do – and we were right in the middle of it during show season.  

We know that meant some of you were unable to get to market to see our new booth design (special thanks to booth designer Raymond Kaiser from Toronto, Canada).  So, here it is! 

We received great feedback – everyone seemed to like the new look, especially those cute little white stools.  Judy fit right in – in fact, she was the belle of the ball wearing her black and silver.  And we had lots of people ask about the new display boards in the white frames.  So many, in fact, that we decided to use this post to give you directions for creating your own boards. 

Glena and Sabrina in Atlanta booth

We bought picture frames from IKEA ($19.99 each)  and removed the glass.  We then replaced the frame’s backer board with fabric-covered foam core board (we used spray glue to get the black fabric to adhere to the foam core board).   Once you have foam core board in the frame, you can use u-pins( http://bit.ly/egU8op) to display the charms on the foam core.  

If your store has a specific color scheme, choose a coordinating color fabric, hang the frame on the wall and you have a great jewelry display that matches the décor of your store!

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