What We Do

Pick Up Sticks Jewelry Company LLC is the home of whimsical, distinctive and very collectible photo charms, all of which are double-sided. We love to create images that make your customers either smile with sentiment or laugh out loud with instant recognition of life’s magic, humor and irony. Our photo charms can be worn alone on a chain as an elegant pendant, or combined with the trinkets we design as accompaniments. The possible combinations are endless, and your retail space will become the place where customers buy and design their own necklaces and charm bracelets. We’ve found that once they’re introduced to Pick Up Sticks, customers return over and over to add to their photo charm collection, and put Pick Up Sticks on their gift wish lists. We create designs that fall into the perfect gift niche, whether you’re buying for a fourteen year-old niece or your grandmother. Our charms are interchangeable, collectible, and are truly a one-size-fits-all product, crossing generational lines to delight your retail customers.

How We Do It


Pick Up Sticks Jewelry is designed by a female family duo that believes every woman has both a story to tell and the creativity to combine our charms in unique ways to tell that story. Sabrina says, “I always design with the customer in mind, starting with the question, ‘What does every woman want to say to their best friend and how can I help her say it?” With this in mind, Sabrina’s design process is collaborative from start to finish. “Since our jewelry elements are combined by the customer in the store, it takes the two of us, designer and customer, to create a personal piece of jewelry.”

Sabrina designs each distinctive photo charm by searching her eclectic collection of antique photos, prints, postcards and other gathered images. Using photo reconstruction skills, she miniaturizes the image and creates a work of art incorporating collage techniques and graphic design. Her designs are then printed, precisely cut, set in glass and sealed into individual pewter frames. Every photo charm is finished by hand and combined into a final piece of personal and wearable art.

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  1. Sabrina,
    can we order online from your store?
    Christine Herrington

  2. What a lovely story (and business!) I’m inspired!
    All the very best to you both!

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