Pick Up Sticks Retailer of the Month – Albert F’s of Seaside, FL

Pick Up Sticks is proud to announce Albert F’s of Seaside, FL, as the November Retailer of the Month.  Albert F’s of Seaside is a tiny jewel of a boutique in the resort town of Seaside Florida located on the beautiful panhandle of the state.  Located in Seaside’s Ruskin Place Artist Colony, Albert F’s was opened by Brad and Holly, native Nashvillians, in 2000 after they made the move to the beach.

Since opening, Albert F’s has grown, changed and always embraced the arts.  Out of the shop, Brad and Holly provide interior design services along with a full array of gifts for him, her and the home.  And Holly is quick to say that Pick Up Sticks has consistently been a best seller in the store regardless of the season.

They love the vintage look of the designs, as well as, the mixture of humor, sweetness along with the mix and match ability of the line.  They also love the story behind the product.  “It’s clever and true,” Holly says.

Here’s what Holly told us about merchandising Pick Up Sticks:  “I have tried many display options and the mannequin option is far and above the best way to display PICK UP STICKS.  Along with the mannequin, we have a table with a “Jewelley”, a silver tray and an antique adding machine that we placed a velvet pad on with all of our initial charms.

Anytime I find anything vintage when I am shopping or going through items of mine I pull them to incorporate into the displays.  Last year I found these wonderful vintage post cards that I incorporated into the displays.  And frames are always good to use.  I put fabric over foam board for the “picture” and then assemble whatever PICK UP STICKS Display I like.  I have used suitcases and lamp shades as well.  IT’S FUN.  And I promote the line as a fun line for all ages.”

“It’s always good to have a few made up items as examples.  Then encourage shoppers to get in there and make their own custom piece of jewelry.  I have also found that it is important to have more charms on display than you really need to have.  MORE sells more.

Plus I keep my prices fair so people feel that are getting a great product for a great price…..which they are.  In this economy it is important to send out that message.  And when they purchase a piece I send it away in a tiny little jewelry bag with the PICK UP STICKS story card inside.  Shoppers are desperate to connect again with stores, products and artists.”

And does Holly have a special story about Pick Up Sticks.  Yes, she does.  In fact, it’s one of our favorites – makes us feel like rock stars:

“While I don’t sell too many Pick Up Sticks to the male shoppers, I did have one very interesting male buyer.  He’s a well-known song writer from Nashville who has had several hits with many country music acts.  He purchased charms and ball chain necklaces for each of his staff members.  And lastly he bought a ball chain necklace with a clever gender neutral charm for TIM McGRAW who had just recorded the writer’s song for the movie THE BLIND SIDE.  I was so thrilled and honored that he wanted to give a little piece of PICK UP STICKS and ALBERT F’s to Tim McGraw.”

We’re thrilled and honored too.  Good work, Holly!

Holly says Pick Up Sticks has added a happier and sweeter mood to the store.  She’s shared lots of giggles and smiles with people as they “play” with the charms and accessories.

When we asked her how we could improve, she said that she’s always been impressed with the customer service we provide.  “Your staff has always been very accommodating to my needs which is so appreciated as I am a very small business.  Turnaround times for all orders are so fast too.  Keep up the good work!”  (Once again, hats off to Jalaina, Candace and Brenda for making our customers so happy.)

Holly’s parting words?  “Keep doing great jewelry and keep coming up with great marketing materials.  We love your product.”

Find Albert F’s at www.albertfs.com, and at 209 Ruskin Place, Seaside, FL (800) 974-5203.

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  1. how I wish I could buy this jewelry in England. I bought bracelet and charm at balloon fiesta NM .Guess I’ll have to wait for my next trip to USA.

    • Nancy – We’ll keep you posted if we get an English distributor. Until then. . .

  2. Just found your blog and website via Holly Mathis. I browsed your merchandise and love it – very original and creative – but I love your story even more. The charm Garden Girl/Force of Nature jumped off Holly’s collage at me and perfectly describes your grandmother and great grandmother!

  3. Holly mathis sent me! Love your stuff!

  4. Awesome creativity! Found your blog via Holly Mathis!

  5. Holly Mathis Interiors sent me over! And I love your jewelry!

  6. What a good place for Holly Mathis to send us!

  7. Holly Mathis sent me too.. Love your stuff also!

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