Pick Up Sticks Retailer of the Month for May – Fiddle Stix

Fiddle Stix – fun name, very fun boutique setting, and located at 4165 Chappel Drive in Perrysburg, Ohio (419-931-2022).  We’re happy to feature Fiddle Stix as our May 2012 Retailer of the Month.

Fiddle Stix is a locally owned boutique and gallery that prides itself on exceptional customer service.  Jenelle Calverley says Fiddle Stix is the perfect destination for unique gifts and collectibles that are perfect for any occasion, whether it be a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or baby shower.

In addition to Pick Up Sticks, Fiddle Stix product lines include but are not limited to Vera Bradley handbags, Spartina scarves and handbags, Lindsay Phillips scarves and shoes, Trollbeads, Kameleon Jewelry, John Medeiros, Coton Colors ceramics, and Mud Pie.  They also offer stationary and invitations for any event.  Follow the store on on Facebook or visit them at www.fiddlestixboutique.com.

Jenelle says the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions “Pick Up Sticks Jewelry” is “unique and whimsical.  This line has a charming vintage feel that is so original it’s hard to find a comparison.”

She goes on to say, “We selected Pick Up Sticks for its uniqueness and one- of-a- kind charms.   The handmade collectibles are perfect for everyone and for every occasion.  The jewelry fits so perfectly in the fun and whimsical atmosphere of our store.”

Jenelle believes allowing customers to “interact” with the jewelry as much as possible drives sales:  “We display the charms on large round glass trays so the customers can interact with and examine the detailed photos. We like to create example pieces that illustrate to customers how the charms can be worn.  We encourage them to mix and match photos together to create a truly unique piece of art.  The best way to sell Pick Up Sticks though is to wear the jewelry so the customers can see how beautiful the pieces are!”  Her best advice:  Be sure customers can easily touch and see the product.

Fiddle Stix customers love to combine the initial charms with a unique charm that they feel best  describes themselves or the person they’re buying for.  They also love the humor in the jewelry.  “It makes it very enjoyable to sell and it makes the customer’s buying experience fun!  It definitely lightens the mood of the shop when people are browsing Pick Up Sticks.”

Jenelle shared the following story with us:  “I had a customer come in looking for a charm to put a photo in. It ended up being a gift for a friend who just lost her father. They decided to put a small photo of her father in the charm so every time she wore the necklace, she would be reminded of her dad. The friend had searched all over town for the perfect gift for her grieving friend, and it wasn’t until she came to Fiddle Stix did she find the meaningful gift she was looking for.”

Thanks Jenelle.  That’s why we do what we do – we want Pick Up Sticks to be a fun, whimsical, and meaningful gift for everyone.

If you’re in the Fiddle Stix neighborhood, drop in and say hi and choose a new charm.  It looks like a great place to shop!


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