Pick Up Sticks Retailer of the Month – Sadie Devaney and Sunny Days

When we chose Sadie Devaney at 269 Forest Avenue in Laguna Beach, California as our April Retailer of the Month, we wanted to get a feel for how it would be to shop the eclectic boutique.  So we checked out their Facebook Page .  And immediately wished we were close enough to drive over for a stroll through the store.  This place is cute, cute, cute, and full of what looks like a lot of fun and color and great products.  Including Pick Up Sticks.

Owners Deanna and Chelsie Frieze are the team behind Sadie Devaney.  They also own Sunny Days, another gorgeous boutique in equally gorgeous Newport Beach, CA, located at 304 Marine Avenue.

As an aside, we want to go on record saying that we’re very envious of retailers who get to have not one but two stores in places with the word “beach” in the name.

When asked how they chose the line, the Friezes say that they loved best the unique story and charm that went with the line.  “Pick Up Sticks is always coming up with fun new pieces that create excitement to our stores.”  They also like the vintage feel of the line and that it allows customers to create their own individual pieces to tell a story.

Trinkets and initial charms seem to do well in both Sadie Devaney and Sunny Days.  “Show customers how they can use the clips to easily change out their look.  And display the charms so that their accessible and can be flipped over so the opposite side can be seen.  Customers want to see what’s unique about each charm.”  The ability to mix and match seems to keep customers coming back for more.

Pick Up Sticks has changed the atmosphere of the store in that “Customers have fun reading the charms and designing their own pieces.  They tap into their creative minds and put together something that has meaning to them.”

When we asked them what we could do to improve the line, we got a great response.  “We love the line.  Keep adding fun new charms and our customers will keep coming back.”

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Laguna Beach or Newport Beach, stop by and give Deanna and Chelsie our best.  And pick up a new charm or two. . .

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