Pick Up Sticks for Hip Moms!

Hip Pick Up Sticks Mom Raynee with Mason

You know them – the incredibly hip moms who make being a mother look totally fashionable.  These women aren’t showing up at the grocery store with rollers in their hair like our moms did in the 60’s – these moms know how to put a look together and make it work.

Hip Mom Candace (who also happens to work in the studio. . .)

We created our dot initials and numbers with Hip Moms in mind – by combining the charms with spacers, proud moms everywhere can display their children’s names, sports numbers, birthdays, even their ages.  Or treat yourself with your own initials and a special personal date, like your birthdate or anniversary.

Hip Mom Shelley wearing her initials and anniversary date

Find dot initials, dot numbers and spacers at your favorite Pick Up Sticks retailer or at the Pick Up Sticks Retail Website.   Give your inner Hip Mom the ultimate personal and unique gift this summer!

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