Bunny on Why I Love Pick Up Sticks

Glena, Bunny and Sabrina in Central Park, circa 2003

The first day of second grade at Logan Elementary, when I was still an undersized, silly and scrawny mama’s baby who pretended almost every day to have a stomachache so that I could stay at home, I met Shelley Henry (now Shelley Wallin). Shelley was taller and tougher than me (as was everyone else at Logan Elementary), even though she was only starting first grade, and she was ultimately cooler. She showed up for the first day of school with a cast on her arm, which only made her cooler and tougher still. Shelley was already tragically hip in the first grade. And I was a total dweeb.

Shelley, Bunny and Glena, circa 1977

She backed me up against a wall with that arm in a cast and  demanded that I say my name. “Bunny Tewwy,” I told her. She demanded again, and I failed again to get it right, and there may have been some crying and a bit of yelling from Mrs. Smith, the third-grade teacher on recess duty that day. But the next day, Shelley became my friend. And by junior high, although we were a grade apart, we were inseparable.

And yes, for those of you who are worrying about it, by third grade I could pronounce my “R’s”, although there are people who still call me, affectionately, Bunny Tewwy.

Having Shelley as my friend was a life-changing experience for a lot of reasons. She was fun and smart and beautiful and had no fear and we led one another on a number of crazy adventures, all of which I can’t discuss in this post simply because she’s now a high school teacher. But one of the greatest advantages of being Shelley’s friend was that I also got to be, for all practical purposes, a member of her family. I slept at her house several nights a week. I ate lots of meals at the Henry’s table, and, just like a sibling, Anna Lee always made me help with the cleanup.

Glena and Bunny at the Logan High Prom (dorky dates edited out)

All of which meant that I got to be pals with Shelley’s sister, Glena, and eventually, when she finally grew out of her gawky stage, with their cousin, Sabrina. Sabrina is eight years younger than me, and in elementary school she was this incredibly gangly kid wearing headgear and braces and glasses thicker than coke bottles. Glena and Shelley and I used to allow her to ride around in the back of their 1976 Camaro ONLY if she ducked her head when we drove past a car full of boys.

While Glena and I were picking prom dresses, Sabrina was hanging in the background, hoping we’d be at least civil enough to allow her to be present for the corsage-pinning and the picture-taking with the dates. Thank goodness she grew out of her gawkiness (she’s a freaking swan now) and we grew out of our high school girl-nastiness.

Bunny and Sabrina, circa 1978. For once, Sabrina's the shorter one in this photo. . .

Which leads me, in a very roundabout way, to my story of how much I love Pick Up Sticks Jewelry Company. Glena and Sabrina are my lifelong  friends and I’d walk on glass or hot coals for them, but more than that, they are my family. We have an extended history that involves riding in the back of pickups and skiing behind fast boats and dancing with questionable cowboys in honky-tonks and being up to our noses in swimming pools and playing with Great Danes and Poodles and Dalmatians and spending nights in trailer parks and seedy bars in Hell’s Kitchen and about a thousand other things.

They are like sisters to me, just like Shelley is, and they have, by following their hearts, created Pick Up Sticks, a business that is successful and that feeds both their souls every day. They somehow found a way to do exactly the thing that each of them does well, and I am incredibly proud of them for taking what came naturally to them and turning it into a business that makes so many people happy.

They are New Mexico artists and business women who have found their niche and  created a product that’s gorgeous at the same time that it’s profitable.  They are our own Quay County success story.

If you’re a follower of this blog, you probably already know Glena and Sabrina.  You’ve met them at market, or at least on the phone, and you’ve ordered Pick Up Sticks jewelry, and you’ve been thrilled with the response you’ve gotten from the product.

What’s really important for you to know is that the reason this jewelry is so fabulous and sells so well is because of who Glena and Sabrina are and why they get up in the morning.  Pick Up Sticks, like Glena and Sabrina, is all about celebrating the strong and special women in our lives.

When Sabrina sits down to design a charm, she’s not thinking about profit or the bottom line – she’s thinking about what will inspire you, what will make you laugh, what will show you the humor and joy in this side show we call life.

When Glena goes into the office each morning, it’s not to count the number of orders that have come in – it’s to check all the communications and the status of customer requests.  She’s dedicated to making sure everyone who orders, sells and then wears Pick Up Sticks finds the process effortless and profitable.  Her heart is in making sure you’re happy.

That’s why I love these girls, and why I love Pick Up Sticks.  This post (which has previously appeared, in part, in my I love New Mexico Blog) is my celebration of them.  Thanks, Glena and Sabrina, for being the strong and special women in my life and for  creating a company with so much heart.

Do you have your own story about why you love Pick Up Sticks and Glena and Sabrina?  We’d love to hear all about it.  In the next few weeks, we’re going to give you even more insight into the Why of Pick Up Sticks.

We know you have lots of choices when it comes to choosing jewelry for your retail space – we just want to let you know that when you choose Pick Up Sticks, you’re choosing a company that celebrates women, and a company that’s a combination of history, heart, soul and inspiration!  Stay tuned. . .

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