Pick Up Sticks heads to London!

Black cabs, double-decker buses, Harrod’s, Buckingham Palace, fish and chips, Westminster Abbey, and from what we hear, warm beer.  All symbols of London, and just part of what we plan to experience when we travel across the pond in September to our very first European market experience at Earl’s Court Exhibition Center in Olympia, London.

The show is called “Top Drawer” (which we love), and from what we hear, ” Top Drawer is a unique retail buying event, giving your company unrivalled access to the most influential buyers in the UK. It combines the most stylish gift brands from the UK and Europe with high-end buyers.”  That’s the spiel on the website.

It all looks incredibly hip.  Sleek.  Very European.

Pick Up Sticks Booth – we think we’ll fit in perfectly with the very sleek and hip Europeans. . .

And it gives us a chance to see how Pick Up Sticks will fare in an international market.

We already have a great following in Canada, and we’re hoping this trip will give us an excuse to travel to someplace like Paris or Dublin in a couple of years to meet more retailers!

All we know is that we’re excited and very anxious to meet folks in Europe who have never seen Pick Up Sticks. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, or if you know a European retailer who might like to carry Pick Up Sticks, we’ll be in Booth J80 at Earl’s Court Exhibition Center on September 16, 17 and 18.

If you’re a retailer in the UK who’s interested in ordering Pick Up Sticks before we arrive for the show, contact us now.  You could have the line established in your store and an exclusive for your area long before we arrive.

We can’t wait.  See you at Big Ben!

(London photos courtesy of Top Drawer website)

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