Pick Up Sticks – New Designs!

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year. . ”  That’s the tune floating through our heads at Pick Up Sticks today.   Not only is Christmas just around the corner, we have all these new designs to show you.

Bright, playful new Bubbles,  inspiring Word Candy, a sweet new Chicklet. . .

Great new Photo Charm designs, including a breast cancer awareness charm that’s sure to be a big seller.

A new set of Dots inspired by our favorites from the animal kingdom. . .

They’re all here, in the studio, right now, waiting for your order..  And the good new is – Orders placed by Wednesday can be overnighted to arrive before Christmas.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from Pick Up Sticks!


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Pick Up Sticks for Hip Moms!

Hip Pick Up Sticks Mom Raynee with Mason

You know them – the incredibly hip moms who make being a mother look totally fashionable.  These women aren’t showing up at the grocery store with rollers in their hair like our moms did in the 60’s – these moms know how to put a look together and make it work.

Hip Mom Candace (who also happens to work in the studio. . .)

We created our dot initials and numbers with Hip Moms in mind – by combining the charms with spacers, proud moms everywhere can display their children’s names, sports numbers, birthdays, even their ages.  Or treat yourself with your own initials and a special personal date, like your birthdate or anniversary.

Hip Mom Shelley wearing her initials and anniversary date

Find dot initials, dot numbers and spacers at your favorite Pick Up Sticks retailer or at the Pick Up Sticks Retail Website.   Give your inner Hip Mom the ultimate personal and unique gift this summer!

Pick Up Sticks New Designs!!

They’re here!  More new Pick Up Sticks photo charms and trinkets for Summer 2011.

And as always, Sabrina created trinkets that will go perfectly with the photos charms, like this small bee with the Just Be charm above.

Everyone in the studio is loving this Two of a Kind friend charm. . .

which would look gorgeous with the new faceted drop above, don’t you think?

AND the faceted drop would look great with this Love Hoo You Are charm. . .which would look great with our new small owl trinket. . .

Or how about all three together? 

We think our new Best Friend Queen is going to be one of this season’s hottest sellers. . .

But we don’t know if she’ll outdo our new Queen of Happiness.

Regardless of which charm is the best seller, we think they’ll both look great on a chain with our new Crown Heart trinket.

Our Garden Girl is sure to be a big hit as well, given everyone’s current determination to  grow as much of their own food as possible.  (Yes, we’re growing a garden – are you?)

Our new word for this season is Lucky.  It describes how we feel about our job of creating and selling a jewelry line that’s so well-received by all of you.

Totally stoked?  We are, and we’re especially excited about our new Dots Numbers.  All the hip moms are going to be wanting several – we’re pretty sure Michael Jordan’s Mom would have worn a 23 all those years he played for the Bulls.  Or how about new brides?  They’ll be wanting the date of their big day. . .

And finally, our new spacers, which will go with all our new charms and trinkets, and with everything you already have in your collection.

Pick Up Sticks Retailers – Watch your e-mail for your exclusive newsletter offering you a 10% discount if you order before show season (and if you’re not an exclusive yet, we’ll let you know if you’re within $500 of the required $1,500).  You’re going to want to order a pile of these new Pick Up Sticks designs!

Pick Up Sticks Magical Charm Clips!


Wow!  Sometimes we even amaze ourselves. . .after searching for ways to make all our lives easier, we came up with what we’re calling our Magical Clip!  If you’re tired of trying to get your jump rings on charms and trinkets to act right (close tightly without a gap, attach to a link bracelet or necklace. . .), we now have the answer. 

And the best news?  Almost every single Pick Up Sticks photo charm and trinket will now come with this clip attached.  They’re the easiest thing in the world to operate (no advanced engineering degree or tools needed) and will make your link necklaces and bracelets easy to build.  These clips are magically spring-loaded.  Promise. . .

Yep, we’re pretty excited.  We think this new development is going to be life-changing for Pick Up Sticks retailers and collectors.  Okay, maybe not life-changing, but it will make selling and collecting even more fun!  Leave your comments below if you have questions.

 By the way, these initial charms?  They’re new.  We’re calling them our “Initial Dots” and they’re in stock right now.  You’re probably going to want the entire alphabet!  And of course, they’ll come as shown – wearing their new magical charm clip.

Pick Up Sticks for Graduation!

Graduation.  Matriculation. Commencement.  Convocation.  Invocation.  All  high dollar words for the act of and ceremony in which a degree is conferred.  The way we see graduation at Pick Up Sticks is this:  It’s a great excuse to pat someone on the back for a job well done; to congratulate them for years of effort and diligence; to host a celebration or present a well-deserved gift acknowledging a milestone.

That’s why we designed so many charms to show how proud we are of our graduates.  It’s a big damn deal, this business of moving on to the next step of your life.  It’s especially a big deal that you got this far, climbed this hill, accomplished this goal.

We’re all about celebrating every day at Pick Up Sticks, but graduation calls for a little something extra.  Henry David Thoreau said it best: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you have imagined.”  We agree. 

Congratulations to all the graduates out there.  And to those of you who have to choose the perfect gift – well,  just take a look at these options.  They’ll be worn long after the ceremony, encouraging and reminding the recipient of their special day. 

Check our website (www.pickupsticks.net) for a retailer near you.  If there’s not one, find these and other great charms at www.shop.pickupsticks.net.

Pick Up Sticks – Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is May 8 this year – less than three weeks away.  Mothers always receive the most interesting gifts from their children:  plaster molds of small hands, bean seeds sprouting in decorated dixie cups, lopsided coil pots, paintings of rainbows and stick figure families.  And then, later on, scarves and perfume, gardening tools, expensive brunches, bouquets of flowers and potted plants. 

The best thing about Moms is that they always act as though the gift they receive is the ultimate in thoughtfulness.  They’re always seemingly thrilled with whatever shows up with the sappy card – that’s how Moms are.

2011 could be the year you actually give her the perfect gift – Pick Up Sticks charms that say exactly what she means to you.  Put together a collection of charms expressing your gratitude.

And because there’s no specific day to celebrate the other women in your family, we also have sister charms.  Why not buy something for your sister as well?  It’s never a bad day to say how much you love and appreciate the people who’ve known you since you were planting those bean seeds and painting those rainbows. 

Emily Dickinson said a mother is one to whom you hurry when you are troubled.  Oprah says biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.  And Milton Berle said if evolution really works, why is it that mothers only have two hands?  We obviously love a great quote here at Pick Up Sticks, and our charms are chock full of quotes that will make your Mother and Sisters smile.

You can find every imaginable Mother and Sister charm combination at www.pickupsticks.net and www.shop.pickupsticks.net.  Give Mom something unexpected, unique, fun and beautiful this year.  We’re pretty sure she’ll like it almost as much as a plaster mold of your hand!

Pick Up Sticks New Designs – Jalaina’s and Brenda’s Favorites


Jalaina’s New Favorite Necklace: 

“I love to wear the new Multi-Pearl Necklace with different charms and trinkets attached. This is a great necklace because it’s so versatile; you can take strands off and add them back to complement every outfit and every mood.

I wear it with a combination of black and white charms – the AN058 because I like what the Tree of Life represents, HD015 because I am quickly approaching graduation with my Master’s, and for added color, the You are Loved chicklet (CH007).

I also added the new crown (PT080), sparkle stick (PT078) and crystal (PT088) for a little extra bling.”

Brenda’s New Favorite Necklace:

“One of my new favorite necklaces is the fine multi-chain because it is so unique and versatile. I can wear it by itself either long or doubled-up as a shorter version. I can add charms and trinkets to make it more fun depending upon the outfit I am wearing or the mood I am in.

I recently added our new Drama Queen photo charm (QU013) to the necklace because I really like both the phrase and the graphics. I also added the seed pearl drop (PT069) trinket.

Our new key necklace is another of my favorites. It’s as versatile as the fine multi-chain and can also be worn long or doubled. The Wish photo charm (WD014) looks great with the different finishes of the key necklace and matches the color of the Drama Queen.”

All of us at Pick Up Sticks agree on one thing – it’s incredibly difficult to pick just one favorite when we’re surrounded every day by such amazing jewelry, especially our new necklaces! 

Do you have a new favorite?  We’d love to hear (and see) what you’re wearing right now – comment here AND send us an e-mail at marketing @pickupsticks.net. 

Pick Up Sticks New Designs – Glena’s and Candace’s Favorites

Glena and Candace wearing their new favorite Pick Up Sticks necklaces

Glena’s New Favorite Necklace:

New bird necklace with photo charms

“One of my favorite new designs is the bird necklace with a PT083(Freebird) trinket and a G chicklet initial (CHI0G).  I love the new bird necklace and wear it daily, but I change the charms each day to match my mood and my outfit.

The fact that the G chicklet initial charm has an adorable vintage bird graphic makes it perfect to wear on the bird necklace.

The key necklace is another favorite because of its versatility. You can wear it as a short 18” necklace or as a long necklace (37”), which is great for winter sweaters.  It is definitely like having two necklaces for the price of one. 

New key necklace with photo charm

The charm that I like best on the key necklace is QU012 which says “Tiaras make me taller “and “Queen of Courage.”  This message is perfect for me, being a 6ft tall girl – and who doesn’t need a reminder to always be courageous?”

Candace’s New Favorite Necklace

“My favorite new jewelry is the 18” carved necklace with “That’s Amore” (LV045) because it describes perfectly how my husband and I met. The “Mom” word candy (cw034) is even more perfect for me because I am only two months away from becoming a mother myself. And the “You are Loved” photo charm (CH007) reminds me every day of the amazing love I’ve been blessed with.

New 18" carved necklace with photo charms

I really like the fine multichain necklace with the “On My List” charm (TR103) because I still have so many things planned and places to see in my life. I almost always include the clear drop trinket (PT088) with whatever I’m wearing because it dresses up any outfit or necklace.”

Have you had a chance to choose a new favorite from this season’s designs?  If so, let us know.  Send us a picture of you wearing your new Pick Up Sticks designs along with the name of the retailer where you found it, and we’ll try to feature your faves on Facebook or here on the blog!

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Jalaina’s Magic Necklace


Sometimes in the studio, we’ll be kicking around new design concepts, brainstorming about what we should create next, and someone, out of the blue, will suggest a totally new idea that knocks all our socks off. That happened recently when Jalaina said, “Why don’t we create a necklace that has multi-chains, but could be worn with more or less chains depending on the customer’s mood?”

And then, being Jalaina, she immediately went to work trying to figure out how to make her necklace idea work.

So here it is, the amazing necklace. The first image above shows the necklace with all the chains attached. That’s how you’ll receive it.

The chains and pearl strands all attach to the multi-pearl necklace with lobster claws, making them easy to remove if you’re in the mood for less chain for a particular look (see photo on left).

And guess what! The chains you remove can also be worn as their own necklace and in a shorter version, depending on where you clasp them.

Finally, you can add charms to the chain – here’s Jalaina wearing the necklace with her favorite charms. 

This one is sure to be a hot seller this season. Your customers will love that they’re actually getting several looks for the price of one.

Stay tuned. You never know what amazing piece of jewelry we’ll come up with next!


New Charms, New Chains, New Trinkets!

New Photo Charms

Here they are!  Even more new designs from Pick Up Sticks. 

New Bubbles Category

This is our new Bubbles category pictured above – elegant little charms with great sayings that let your customers know just how special they are.  Smaller than our Double Bubbles, these charms are approx 3/4 inch in size.  They’re sure to be one of the hottest items in the booth at market!

Great New Chain Options

We’ve designed new chain options for every taste, from the delicate but gorgeous bird chain to the new multi-pearl chain, which can be disassembled and worn as several separate chains.  We also created spacers for our charms – you asked for them, you got ’em!

New Trinkets

And finally, new trinkets – the perfect embellishment for every Pick Up Sticks charm.

There’s still time to order before the holidays – call the studio today!

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