Pick Up Sticks – Thanksgiving Every Day


This Thanksgiving week, all of us at Pick Up Sticks are feeling some pretty extreme gratitude for a number of things both complex and simple.  We’re alive and doing well, the New Mexico sun is shining and the forecast is that it will stay that way through the holiday, and our kids and parents are all healthy and happy.


We started to post this last week with a reminder to you to order charms showing gratitude so that they could be sold for Thanksgiving.  But our week got preempted by life (as weeks sometimes do), and when it was over and the dust had settled, we all agreed that we’d much prefer to write a post about a year-round attitude of gratitude.


We’re big on Thanksgiving at Pick Up Sticks.  When you love family and friends and food as much as we do, Thanksgiving is a much-anticipated holiday.


But we’re also big on thanksgiving, little “t”.  The type of thanksgiving that you do every day when you wake up and notice yourself breathing, when you get a phone call from a long-lost friend, when the sun shines through your patio window just right, when you find a book or a song that makes your heart smile. We’re big on hope as well, and we’re very thankful for what that hope gives us right now.

We’ve created a number of charms over the years, and we’ve found that our customers share those sentiments.  We know this because, besides the initials, the charms that remind us to be grateful, enjoy our life, love ourselves and others – those are the charms that year after year consistently sell very well.


We hope your holiday is filled with lots of love and laughter and food, but more than that, we hope your entire year is filled with those things.  We’re very thankful to have you as customers.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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