Pick Up Sticks and Pinterest Part II: How You Can Do It

We promised last week to give you our best ideas for using Pinterest to promote your small business, and in doing our research , decided one way to make this easier for you would be to give you links with descriptions.  We’re not experts by any stretch of the imagination, but we have seen new interest and new customers from our Pinterest boards and we’d love for you to have the same results. 

Before we provide you with the meatier blog posts on how to use Pinterest in your own business, we want to provide links to the most basic of the basics.  For the three or four of you out there that aren’t yet addicted to Pinterest, consider checking out the post from The New Web on how to get started. If you possibly can, take the time to read this post – it has invaluable information on everything from getting your account to how to become a power user. 

If you prefer a video tutorial, check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk-SdPubWDs.  And while you’re on YouTube, you can check out this video on using Pinterest for your small business:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKQ5MZlgmAs&feature=related.


Pick Up Sticks Pinterest page


Once you’re up and running, consider checking out a few of the resources that follow.  While Pinterest isn’t yet as big as Twitter or Facebook, the image-based website is getting plenty of attention, and its followers are proving to be very willing to purchase the things they see and repin.   

In an article from Small Business Computing about using Pinterest for small business promotion, there are great stats (a landscape company that saw their website traffic increase by 30,000 hits a month) and great tips (12 Pinterest  Tips for Small Business). 

Craziest stat we found in this article?  Pinterest users tend to spend an average of 100 minutes per visit on the site. It sounds unbelievable until you get yourself signed in. Once you do, you’ll be thrilled to tear yourself away from the site in that amount of time.

The Huffington Post featured a blogger last week who asked whether Pinterest was more effective than Facebook for small businesses.  The answer?  Pinterest users were found to be 79% more likely to buy a product they saw pinned on a board on the site than something they saw on Facebook (probably because they just spent 100 minutes looking at it, right?). 

If you want to see how larger retailers are using Pinterest, there’s a great post by Hispanic Business that talks about how Victoria’s Secret, Limited and Express are both growing and using their following on Pinterest. One of the suggestions made by a marketer interviewed in the article is for you to view your customer’s life events – weddings, graduations, remodeling – and then give them images to pin on Pinterest that fall within those categories. 

Pinterest even has their own resource for you, and they have a word for businesses using their site – Pinterbiz.  They have templates and ideas for your promotions, tutorials (How to make your Blog Posts Pinworthy caught my eye), graphics you can borrow, and of course, Pinterest for Beginners boards.  In all, there are (today at least) 28 boards for you to explore while you familiarize yourself with Pinterest marketing.

Why do we do it?  Because it’s free and because it works.  Why should you do it?  Because it’s free and because it works and because where else are you also going to find 1,000 new ways to display jewelry in your retail space? 

And it’s fun.  Pinterest is the new social media method for sharing your favorite things with women and men from around the globe.  You just have to get your images of your products out there for them to share.  What could be easier?

Happy pinning!

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