Pick Up Sticks, Annie and Isabel, and Kicking Cancer’s Butt

Gifts Anna received during her battle with cancer

We received this e-mail a few days ago and decided we had to share it.  Annie and Isabel is a blog written by sisters Anna and Selena, registered nurses who decided to make hospital stays more dignified by creating Designer Hospital Gowns.  Their motto is “When you look great, you feel better.”   Check out their blog and website for some amazingly pretty hospital gowns.  We hope you never need one, but just in case. . .

Recently Anna was the patient instead of the nurse, with a stay in the hospital battling thyroid cancer.  Her blog posts are inspirational and we’re pleased the hear that Pick Up Sticks helped her in her determination to “Kick Cancer’s Butt.”

Here’s a bit of the e-mail we received:

Anna with a painting she was given by a friend

Dear Pick Up Sticks:

I just wanted to email you because I was given a necklace with your charms by a couple of friends to give me strength during my battle with thyroid cancer. I wore the necklace every day and I absolutely love it!!!! It was purchased through a retail store but I found your name on the necklace and looked you up because so many people have asked about it. I also have friends battling cancer and they were interested in purchasing one so I referred them to your site.

I thought you might enjoy reading a couple of blog posts I wrote that included pictures of the beautiful necklace. I have just finished treatment and am getting stronger and looking forward to living a great life:-) Here are my posts:

More Blessings of Cancer and On To Treatment

Bye Bye Cancer

Thank you so much for making a product that helped inspire me through my battle with cancer!!! I will always cherish this necklace.


Anna Ryan

Check out Anna’s posts – despite the fact that she’s obviously feeling less than 100%, she does a great job of seeing the gifts hidden in her illness.

Anna proudly wearing her cancer scar AND her Pick Up Sticks necklace

In one post she says, “Another gift I have been given is to appreciate my health! I may never completely have the energy I had prior to my cancer diagnosis, but I will definitely value having a healthy body that allows me to get through everything I need to do in a day. I also want to mention that while cancer has temporarily taken my health and energy, it will never take away my spirit, and that is what is going to keep me going, to regain my strength and appreciate my health and life as I have never done before. I posted this picture on my personal facebook page a week ago but wanted to share it here too. For me, it is a visual of what I think about this whole cancer experience and I will proudly show off my scar because there is no reason to hide a badge of courage and strength.”

Congratulations on kicking cancer’s butt, Anna, and thanks for inspiring us all!

Have your own special story about Pick Up Sticks Jewelry helping you through a difficult time in your life?  We’d love to hear it and share it with Pick Up Sticks collectors everywhere. Just e-mail us at pickupsticks@suddenlink.net.  Be sure to include images if you have them!

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  1. Anna is the best! Love your jewelry. I have bought lots!

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