Pick Up Sticks Girls Tell Their Story Part 2

A couple of weeks ago we posted the bios and photos of the Jalaina, Candace and Brenda.  Now we want to introduce Anna Lee Henry, who’s in charge of our retail website, and Bunny Terry, our copywriter/blogger.  While they don’t spend as much time in the studio as the other girls, they’re essential to the operation and they both have extensive history with Pick Up Sticks.  Anna Lee has been around since the beginning (okay, since Glena’s and Sabrina’s birth. . ) and Bunny had been around since Glena was in first grade.

It’s amazing to get to work with friends and family.  In fact, it’s part of the Pick Up Sticks magic.

Anna Lee Henry

Pick Up Sticks Jewelry Company is known for their charms that celebrate strong, creative women who have achieved their goals or are in the process of making their dreams come true.  It’s only appropriate that the person in charge of the retail website is one of the women that has inspired Glena and Sabrina from day one – Anna Lee Henry.  She may be Glena’s Mom and Sabrina’s Aunt, but much more importantly, she’s one of the smart women in their lives who taught them that anything is possible through hard work and just a little bit of magic (magic that you create for yourself, of course).

After years in the real estate development and marketing field, Anna Lee turned that energy for selling property into making the Pick Up Sticks retail website a success.  She’s always been a picture of style and grace under pressure – making this venture work is like second nature to her.

And the best part of all?  She gets to be in the studio with the other Pick Up Sticks girls, helping with the design process and overseeing how the line is perceived by customers.  We think this is finally the perfect use for her positive energy and creative force.

Bunny Terry

A native of Logan, New Mexico, and longtime friend of Glena and Sabrina, Bunny has been with Pick Up Sticks from the inception.  From peeking over Sabrina’s shoulder as some of the first charms were designed to traveling to market in the early days to getting Pick Up Sticks national magazine coverage, Bunny has forever been a champion of all things Pick Up Sticks.  She now writes the company’s blog (right here!).  She also does most of Pick Up Sticks’ copywriting for publications, direct e-mail and just about any other piece of paper on which Pick Up Sticks might want to promote themselves.

Besides writing for Pick Up Sticks, Bunny blogs for several other clients, develops and sells real estate on the shores of Ute Lake, writes a personal blog at www.ilovenewmexicoblog.com,  and spends her time counting the days until it’s nice enough to get on the water.  To comfort herself through the New Mexico winter, she eats a lot of green chile.

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