Pick Up Sticks Girls Tell Their Stories

If you’re a Pick Up Sticks customer, you’ve probably had the good fortune to meet one or more members of our staff, either by phone or at market in the booth.  We don’t use the term employee – these girls are collaborators, customer expectation gurus, internet geniuses, design assistants, managers, and some days at 3:00 p.m., they’re our workout buddies.  Best of all, they’re our friends and they feel like family.

They are what makes Pick Up Sticks tick, and we recently asked each of them to write their own bio to further introduce themselves to our blog readers and website visitors.  This week you get Jalaina, Candace and Brenda; later on you’ll hear from Anna Lee and Bunny.

Here’s what they said:

Jalaina and her husband, Brandon


Jalaina Foster has been at Pick Up Sticks since 2001, when she came in for an interview after graduating from high school.  Glena had been her 6th grade teacher, and wanting to dress to impress, Jalaina got herself totally groomed for her job interview.  After they hired her, Sabrina and Glena laughingly instructed her to NEVER dress like that for work.  They still tease her about that interview outfit.

Jalaina has a deep love for the company born from all she’s learned from Glena and Sabrina; she feels like she’s grown up with company.  It also helps that working there is such great fun and she gets to meet people she never would have met otherwise.

Jalaina has been married to the love of her life, Brandon, for five years.  Their son, Braddock, has them both wrapped around his little finger.

Here are some random facts Jalaina wanted to share with you:

-She wears all sorts of hats at Pick Up Sticks which includes office manager, customer service, accounts receivable, returns department, computer tech, QuickBooks nerd. . .

-She has her Bachelors in Early Childhood Education from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Guns Up!!

-She has her Master’s Degree in Communication Disorders from Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, New Mexico

-She loves to pamper myself

Candace and Princess Jemma


Candace Sievert was on a cold, wintry Spring Break trip in 2009 when she received the phone call that she was officially a new employee at Pick Up Sticks Jewelry.  Originally from Utah, she landed in eastern New Mexico when her Military Dad was stationed at Clovis.  Before going to work for Pick Up Sticks, she worked for lawyers (bless her heart) and was going to school.

Little did she know that becoming a Pick Up Sticks Girl would change her life. Through the quirky, loving life views of Sabrina, the wise tough lessons of Glena, and the responsibilities required to help promote the amazing business they created, Candace thinks she may have finally settled down.

She married her best friend Joe a couple of years ago and now has a nine-month old daughter, the Princess Jemma. She has two dogs: Luke (shitzu) and Ndomukong (German shepherd) and is learning to cook something new every day from the recipes and advice she receives from the Pick Up Sticks Ladies.

Brenda Bollinger


After a 34 year career in banking, Brenda Bollinger loves that she got the chance to come to work for Pick Up Sticks. Given that her daughter Jalaina had worked for them for years, she already knew Glena and Sabrina and knew they would be great bosses.

Brenda says one of the best things about working for Pick UP Sticks is the customer contact and learning about the operation of a wholesale business.  Getting to meet most of Pick Up Sticks’ retailers at the shows as well as speaking with them on the phone makes the job much more interesting.

Brenda also appreciates the fact that Glena and Sabrina ask their employees for input as new designs are being created. She feels like they consider everyone as part of the creative process, and they really listen to employee suggestions.

It makes for a great corporate culture, and Brenda says “My job has truly been a joy, and the fact that I am able to work with my daughter Jalaina every day is a plus.”

Thanks Jalaina, Candace and Brenda.  Pick Up Sticks wouldn’t be a success without you, and we appreciate you every single day!

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