Pick Up Sticks makes Craft Business Heroes book – We’re published!

Several months ago,  Craft Business Expert Alison McNicol (find her on Facebook here) from the UK sent a very friendly e-mail to Sabrina.  It said something like, “I’ve seen your product and I think it’s lovely – would you like to chat about how the business got started and tell me something about your artistic process?  I’m working on a book to help other crafters profit from their creativity. . .”

Well, you know how we are – Quay County girls always want to be friendly and helpful, and we’ve been mentored in so many ways by other artists that we couldn’t say no.  So we said yes, Alison sent us a set of questions, we responded as nicely and succinctly as possible, and then a few weeks ago, she sent us a link to her two books, Craft Business Heroes and The Craft Business Handbook, both now available from Amazon.  Holy mackerel, we were published!  Or, at least, Alison was published and our interview was included.

And listen, folks, these are no ordinary books.  As Amazon’s blurb reads, these are books to help you “turn your talent for making lovely things into cash.  Bored of the 9 to 5 and dreaming of starting your own crafty business, but not sure where to start? Then this is the book for you !”

“The Craft Business Handbook has ALL the information you need to get started making money from your crafts – NOW !  From setting up as a proper business, producing and pricing your goods for maximum sales and profit, to the various options for selling online, at craft fairs, trade shows and getting your products into retailers, right through to gaining magazine coverage, promoting your business online and managing your business as it grows, this is THE essential guide for any would-be crafty entrepreneur!”

PLUS – some of the most successful crafty business people around (that’s us, according to Alison) share their stories – how they started and grew their successful craft businesses. Prepare to be inspired with in-depth interviews from some of your favorite crafty entrepreneurs around!”

Order the book here.

Craft Business Heroes expands on the ideas in The Craft Business Handbook and provides “in-depth interviews from some of the biggest crafty business names around – Jan Constantine, Pick Up Sticks Jewelry, Sublime Stitching’s Jenny Hart, Poppy Treffry, Amy Karol, Gilliangladrag, Emily Peacock, Subversive Cross Stitch’s Julie Jackson and lots more – 30 leading crafty entrepreneur’s share the secrets of their success!”

Alison was kind enough to send us a pdf of our interview responses from the books, and we plan to share part of that with you soon.  So stay posted.

Sabrina with her copy of Craft Business Heroes - a little dogeared, and a little doggy chewed. Annie the Poodle couldn't resist it!

And in the meantime, order her books.  She’s done an amazing and in-depth job of providing information – Sabrina has read and reread her copy several times, earmarking and post-it marking great tips and quotes.  And as you can see, even Annie the Poodle had to get her hands (or teeth) on it. . .

We’ll post interview excerpts on February 8.  Don’t miss it!


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