Pick Up Sticks Takes Manhattan

Jalaina and Brenda - headed to New York this week

It’s that time of year again, when the Pick Up Sticks crew (Jalaina and Brenda this time around) leaves Clovis, New Mexico (pop 37,000) and heads to Manhattan (pop 1,585,000, give or take a few)  for the New York International Gift Fair at the Javits Convention Center ( January 29 to February 2, 2012).   We checked out the numbers on the NYIGF site for comparison’s sake – it looks like the number of visitors to the show will outnumber the population of Clovis.   Crazy, right?  And we’ve moved to a different booth location, so we’re figuring all 38,000 of those visitors might walk down our new aisle in Personal Accessories!

Candace and Glena in the New York booth, Summer 2011

Going to New York is always a little breathtaking.  There are the electronic billboards in Times Square, the crazy traffic, the crowds, the all-night eateries, the shopping, the Broadway shows, Central Park, more crowds, our favorite pizza place (housed in a former church, no less). . .  And going to the New York International Gift Show is almost as awe-inspiring as the city itself.  Javits is a huge glass house filled with gift vendors from every corner of the world.  We’re pretty proud to be amongst such company.

Glena in Times Square, Summer 2011

This year at the show will be even more interesting than usual – as we said earlier, we’ve left our normal booth in the Handmade section and repositioned ourselves in Booth 8531 in Personal Accessories.  It’s an exciting move for us – instead of being out in the north forty (that’s how they talk in Clovis), we’ll be in the thick of things in the main building, easier for you to find.  Making this move puts us right in the path of all our customers, and we’re letting you know early so you can pencil us into your notebook of show searches.

Glena and Candace, Times Square Summer 2011

So yeah, the Clovis gals are headed to Manhattan.  We’ve posted a few photos from last summer’s trip when Glena and Candace found themselves in the thick of things in Times Square.  We can’t wait to see what Jalaina and Brenda will do for fun.  And we can’t wait to see you in Booth 8531!

Candace and a very friendly New Yorker, Summer 2011

Don’t forget that all exclusive retailers who order in the booth at New York will get 10% off their orders.  Drop by and check out our new designs, and get yourself a nice little discount.  We’re looking forward to seeing you!

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  1. Jane and Julia will be at the show…from Country Furniture Vancouver….we looooove you here

  2. How do I order the hammered spacers that I saw briefly online? Can’t seemed to find them anymore. Are they going to be available?

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