Pick Up Sticks Logo Photo – Where We Came From Part 3

Two little girl cousins, one hot summer afternoon, Anna Lee’s backyard in Logan, New Mexico, with a kiddie pool full of ice cold water. . .and, of course, a pistol.  Sabrina didn’t believe in swimsuits and Glena didn’t believe in being photographed – that’s why she’s threatening the photographer with her pistol water gun.  We were girls of the Wild, Wild West, living life as hard and fast and furious as we could.  Or as hard and fast and furious as Anna Lee (Glena’s mom) would let us.

As you probably know, we grew up in small town America – Logan, NM, population 550 in the 70’s,right next door to each other.  When we weren’t swimming in the backyard, we were swimming in Ute Lake, which was just down the road.  Or we were jumping on our bikes and high-tailing it over to Mother’s for popsicles on the beat up couch she kept on her front porch.  Pretty sweet stuff.  We’d like to have one of those summer afternoons back.

Below is another photo taken the same day, just to show you that on occasion, Glena was not the one in charge.  We debated for days on which one of these photos would best serve for our logo.  In the end, the one with the most action looking like we were having the most fun won.  As always, our motto is Have Great Fun With the Ones You Love.  Or Be With Those Who Make You Smile (shameless plug for one of our charms. . .)!

But it’s true.  Spend quality time with people you care about.  If you see a kiddie pool, jump in.  Who knows?  You might end up creating something as much fun as Pick Up Sticks.  We did!

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