Pick Up Sticks Retailer of the Month – Pear & Simple

“Fun, chunky, blingy girlfriend gifts!”  That’s the response we got when we asked this month’s Retailer of the Month what they think of when someone says, “Pick Up Sticks Jewelry.”  You know us – we love fun and we love our girlfriends, so we thought that
response deserved top billing in this post.

Our August Retailer of the Month is Pear & Simple, located at 314 Franklin Street in Port Washington, Wisconsin.  It’s the kind of place where you’d want to hang out for an hour or two, trying on their extensive line of accessories, admiring their home goods, choosing a baby gift for someone special, or leafing through their stationery and books.  And if that’s not enough, they offer unique classes and demonstrations to add a little fun and excitement to your shopping experience.

How did they choose Pick Up Sticks for their store?  Here’s what they said:  “The quality of both the actual jewelry and the artwork.  Many companies use stock work and kitchy sayings.  Pick Up Sticks artwork are both the best in the photo jewelry industry.  We love the silver frames around each charm.  You also offer a very nice selection of trinkets and charms that sell well.”

Pear & Simple’s advice is to display your Pick Up Sticks in a manner that’s creative but easy for the customer to search.  If a customer can easily locate a charm and a matching trinket in a hurry, they’re more likely to buy several complimenting pieces.

Pick Up Sticks has proven to be a great addition to Pear & Simple and they’ve served to make folks feel better as well.  “We have lots of folks who buy the inspirational charms after a long illness – say, cancer.”  In their store, Word Candy charms have long been the best sellers, and on Valentine’s Day, they had an expectant dad who came in and brought the candy initial of their soon-to-be-born baby boy for his wife.  That just happens to be one of Pear & Simple’s favorite Pick Up Sticks stories.  And now our’s too.

Check out Pear & Simple if you’re in the neighborhood.  And give them our best for best for doing such a great job displaying and marketing their Pick Up Sticks. 


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