Pick Up Sticks New Designs!!

They’re here!  More new Pick Up Sticks photo charms and trinkets for Summer 2011.

And as always, Sabrina created trinkets that will go perfectly with the photos charms, like this small bee with the Just Be charm above.

Everyone in the studio is loving this Two of a Kind friend charm. . .

which would look gorgeous with the new faceted drop above, don’t you think?

AND the faceted drop would look great with this Love Hoo You Are charm. . .which would look great with our new small owl trinket. . .

Or how about all three together? 

We think our new Best Friend Queen is going to be one of this season’s hottest sellers. . .

But we don’t know if she’ll outdo our new Queen of Happiness.

Regardless of which charm is the best seller, we think they’ll both look great on a chain with our new Crown Heart trinket.

Our Garden Girl is sure to be a big hit as well, given everyone’s current determination to  grow as much of their own food as possible.  (Yes, we’re growing a garden – are you?)

Our new word for this season is Lucky.  It describes how we feel about our job of creating and selling a jewelry line that’s so well-received by all of you.

Totally stoked?  We are, and we’re especially excited about our new Dots Numbers.  All the hip moms are going to be wanting several – we’re pretty sure Michael Jordan’s Mom would have worn a 23 all those years he played for the Bulls.  Or how about new brides?  They’ll be wanting the date of their big day. . .

And finally, our new spacers, which will go with all our new charms and trinkets, and with everything you already have in your collection.

Pick Up Sticks Retailers – Watch your e-mail for your exclusive newsletter offering you a 10% discount if you order before show season (and if you’re not an exclusive yet, we’ll let you know if you’re within $500 of the required $1,500).  You’re going to want to order a pile of these new Pick Up Sticks designs!

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  1. Oh my God… I’m falling in love with your new designs… I want all of them… They’re absolutely beautiful…

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