Pick Up Sticks Retailer of the Month – General Store of Minnetonka

Part of the fun of choosing a Retailer of the Month is that we get to do a little “Harriett the Spy” investigating to find out more about our retailers.  Meeting them at market never gives us the full spectrum of what their store is all about, and although we’d love to, there aren’t enough days in the year to travel to each retailer’s site. 

Checking out the General Store of Minnetonka (14401 Hwy 7, Minnetonka, MN 952-935-7131) was especially fun.  They have a great website loaded with info and pictures that made us want to pack up and head for the Twin Cities.  Take a look for yourself, and if you’re in the area, it looks like the General Store Cafe would be a good choice for lunch. . .those soup photos made our mouths water.

Here’s what we like best, though – the General Store loves Pick Up Sticks.  Jenny Putnam says, “Pick Sticks IS creativity.  The designs are great and the price is competitive, and you’ve given us another really affordable way to let customers design their own jewelry.” 

Jenny says her best sellers in the Pick Up Sticks line are the friendship charms, and that any new charms featuring girlfriends would be welcome (wait until you see our new designs, Jenny!).  Her advice for displaying Pick Up Sticks?  “Display on trays and let you customers look, laugh and create.”

The General Store is a multi-lever 20,000 square foot store filled with unique gift items and home décor.  Located just minutes west of the Twin Cities, in Minnetonka,  Minnesota, it’s a locally owned and operated family business that was started in 1984.  

The website says that while the General Store has changed with the times, they continue to maintain the specialized service of an old time General Store.  If you ask a friendly employee to locate an item or give you an opinion, it’s their goal to give you the personalized service you could only experience during the early 1900s at the corner General Store.

And of course, once you’re finished, you can have lunch at the adjacent General Store Cafe.  We hear the salads are delicious.  Have one and let us know how it was.  We’re going to be envious. . .


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  1. What a lovely place…

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