Pick Up Sticks Magical Charm Clips!


Wow!  Sometimes we even amaze ourselves. . .after searching for ways to make all our lives easier, we came up with what we’re calling our Magical Clip!  If you’re tired of trying to get your jump rings on charms and trinkets to act right (close tightly without a gap, attach to a link bracelet or necklace. . .), we now have the answer. 

And the best news?  Almost every single Pick Up Sticks photo charm and trinket will now come with this clip attached.  They’re the easiest thing in the world to operate (no advanced engineering degree or tools needed) and will make your link necklaces and bracelets easy to build.  These clips are magically spring-loaded.  Promise. . .

Yep, we’re pretty excited.  We think this new development is going to be life-changing for Pick Up Sticks retailers and collectors.  Okay, maybe not life-changing, but it will make selling and collecting even more fun!  Leave your comments below if you have questions.

 By the way, these initial charms?  They’re new.  We’re calling them our “Initial Dots” and they’re in stock right now.  You’re probably going to want the entire alphabet!  And of course, they’ll come as shown – wearing their new magical charm clip.


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  1. Hi, these charm clips look like just the things I’m after. I have 300 antique silver charms but no clips and no jump rings. How much to buy 300 from you?

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