Pick Up Sticks Retailer of the Month – Terry Ivory

One of the things we like to do when we put together our Retailer of the Month post is to take a look at where they’re located – we see these folks every year at market, and we visit like old friends, but we never get the chance to actually go into their cities and towns and stores and spend time with them. We’re frequently amazed by the places where Pick Up Sticks ends up – islands in Michigan, the Virgin Islands, Alaska. Our jewelry sure does get to travel to some interesting places.

This month’s Retailer of the Month, Terry Ivory of Ocean City, NJ is no exception – the boardwalk at Ocean City, NJ looks like a modern version of the set for HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.”  It’s right on the Atlantic Ocean – in fact Terry Ivory’s store is directly across from the beach. And we want to go there. Check out images at http://bit.ly/jxQmrb and tell us if you don’t agree.

Terry has a second store at Stone Harbor, NJ, so of course we had to check out that location as well. Stone Harbor is located on Seven Mile Island where, you guessed it, there’s more beach. Our jewelry is getting to spend an inordinate amount of time at the beach, we’re thinking.

Terry Ivory has been a customer of Pick Up Sticks for several years, and as the photos show, they’ve really figured out how to display and sell our line. Terry says that Pick Up Sticks makes her smile, and then she suggests that the best way to sell our jewelry is to smile, and then when we ask how it’s changed the atmosphere of the store, she says, “It makes us smile with the customers.” We like all those responses, and that Pick Up Sticks is furthering the cause of smiling in Ocean City and Stone Harbor.

You can check out Terry Ivory’s website at http://bit.ly/lEQU4T – you’ll find that the stores carry hundreds of lines of jewelry, from fine gold pieces to totally fun and hip casual wear. Terry says she chose our line for the selection, service and “the girls that work for you.” (Which gives us a great excuse to say cheers to Jalaina, Candace and Brenda, the girls at the Pick Up Sticks studio, for being so good at what they do.)

As you might expect, Terry says that best sellers for her stores are charms about the beach. That would make sense since her store is on the Boardwalk on the BEACH. Did we already mention that we’re envious?

If you’re planning a road trip to the Atlantic, or if you’re lucky enough to already live close by, drop by either store (925 Boardwalk in Ocean City; 257 96th Street in Stone Harbor) and tell Terry and her staff hello from us. We’ll be wishing we were there with you!


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  1. Terry Ivory is the retailer that first introduced me to Pick Up Sticks! The sales ladies at the Stone Harbor establishment are always so helpful in picking out pieces that fit my personality- and do such a good job for only speaking to me for a few moments! I adore my double sided mermaid charm and frequently get asked where I got the piece followed by a remark of how the charm is very “Sadie.” I was fortunate enough to be down there this fall where I purchased a “sisters” charm that was almost identical to a childhood photograph of me and my sister. When she unwrapped it and showed it to my parents each person remarked about how it resembled that past captured memory.

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