Pick Up Sticks Retail Website

 Have you heard?  Pick Up Sticks now has a retail website at http://shop.pickupsticks.net.  We’re so excited!  And we’re very proud of our site -take a look and tell us if you don’t agree that it’s totally fun and eye-catching! 

 And why do we now have a retail website?  After years of requests from customers who weren’t able to locate a retailer or a specific charm, we decided the best way to take care of our collectors was to create a place where they could find every single item in our line.

In the process we had to learn how to launch the space shuttle of computer programming and digest an entirely new technological language, replete with words like hosting platform, HTML, A-files, security certificates. . .we were old dogs learning new tricks, and let us tell you, it wasn’t pretty.  Who knew jewelry-making girls from rural New Mexico could actually figure all that out?  It was like calculus (which none of us passed). . there were days when it hardly seemed worth it.  But now we’re totally pumped about the results!

As always, we still think the best way to get your Pick Up Sticks addiction fed is to find a retailer – a place with an owner who loves the line, staff wearing interesting combinations of charms, and a gorgeous display full of your favorite photos charms, trinkets and necklaces.  We talked about how to find your favorite Pick Up Sticks retailer before (http://bit.ly/dP2iAR) and we urge you to do just that.  Actually getting your hands on our jewelry really makes for some fun shopping.  But if you’re unable to get to a brick and mortar store, or if your retailer can’t order the charm you want most, you can always check out our new site. . .

Take a look and let us know what you think.  Here’s a five-star review we recently received from a customer – she’s exactly the person we were looking to serve when we created the website:

Reviewer:  Patricia from central NJ

“I love my mermaid pendant…from the first moment I saw it on a display in a little gift shop in Sanibel Island, Florida 3 years ago, I knew it was for me! I get complimented every time I wear it. It never fails that someone will notice it and say, “what is that necklace you’re wearing?”. I love the art work, as well as the message. I once thought I had lost this pendant…couldn’t find it anywhere…I was so sad, because I had no idea how I’d ever replace it…and then one day, it popped up…a very happy moment! And, for some reason, it wasn’t until just a few days ago that I noticed the inscription on the bottom of the pendant “pickup sticks jewelry”…and then I found your wonderful website! And now, just days later, you’ve started selling retail! I couldn’t be happier! keep up the good work!!”

Thanks Patricia!  And thanks to all Pick Up Sticks fans.  We’d love to hear more of your “searching for Pick Up Sticks” stories.  If we can, we’ll find a retailer near you so that you get the full experience of shopping the line.  And if not, feel free to find us online at  http://shop.pickupsticks.net/!

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