Pick Up Sticks – Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is May 8 this year – less than three weeks away.  Mothers always receive the most interesting gifts from their children:  plaster molds of small hands, bean seeds sprouting in decorated dixie cups, lopsided coil pots, paintings of rainbows and stick figure families.  And then, later on, scarves and perfume, gardening tools, expensive brunches, bouquets of flowers and potted plants. 

The best thing about Moms is that they always act as though the gift they receive is the ultimate in thoughtfulness.  They’re always seemingly thrilled with whatever shows up with the sappy card – that’s how Moms are.

2011 could be the year you actually give her the perfect gift – Pick Up Sticks charms that say exactly what she means to you.  Put together a collection of charms expressing your gratitude.

And because there’s no specific day to celebrate the other women in your family, we also have sister charms.  Why not buy something for your sister as well?  It’s never a bad day to say how much you love and appreciate the people who’ve known you since you were planting those bean seeds and painting those rainbows. 

Emily Dickinson said a mother is one to whom you hurry when you are troubled.  Oprah says biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.  And Milton Berle said if evolution really works, why is it that mothers only have two hands?  We obviously love a great quote here at Pick Up Sticks, and our charms are chock full of quotes that will make your Mother and Sisters smile.

You can find every imaginable Mother and Sister charm combination at www.pickupsticks.net and www.shop.pickupsticks.net.  Give Mom something unexpected, unique, fun and beautiful this year.  We’re pretty sure she’ll like it almost as much as a plaster mold of your hand!


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