Pick Up Sticks New Designs – Jalaina’s and Brenda’s Favorites


Jalaina’s New Favorite Necklace: 

“I love to wear the new Multi-Pearl Necklace with different charms and trinkets attached. This is a great necklace because it’s so versatile; you can take strands off and add them back to complement every outfit and every mood.

I wear it with a combination of black and white charms – the AN058 because I like what the Tree of Life represents, HD015 because I am quickly approaching graduation with my Master’s, and for added color, the You are Loved chicklet (CH007).

I also added the new crown (PT080), sparkle stick (PT078) and crystal (PT088) for a little extra bling.”

Brenda’s New Favorite Necklace:

“One of my new favorite necklaces is the fine multi-chain because it is so unique and versatile. I can wear it by itself either long or doubled-up as a shorter version. I can add charms and trinkets to make it more fun depending upon the outfit I am wearing or the mood I am in.

I recently added our new Drama Queen photo charm (QU013) to the necklace because I really like both the phrase and the graphics. I also added the seed pearl drop (PT069) trinket.

Our new key necklace is another of my favorites. It’s as versatile as the fine multi-chain and can also be worn long or doubled. The Wish photo charm (WD014) looks great with the different finishes of the key necklace and matches the color of the Drama Queen.”

All of us at Pick Up Sticks agree on one thing – it’s incredibly difficult to pick just one favorite when we’re surrounded every day by such amazing jewelry, especially our new necklaces! 

Do you have a new favorite?  We’d love to hear (and see) what you’re wearing right now – comment here AND send us an e-mail at marketing @pickupsticks.net. 


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  1. ¡B E A U T I F U L!… They have a great taste!!!… I want them of all.

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