Jalaina’s Magic Necklace


Sometimes in the studio, we’ll be kicking around new design concepts, brainstorming about what we should create next, and someone, out of the blue, will suggest a totally new idea that knocks all our socks off. That happened recently when Jalaina said, “Why don’t we create a necklace that has multi-chains, but could be worn with more or less chains depending on the customer’s mood?”

And then, being Jalaina, she immediately went to work trying to figure out how to make her necklace idea work.

So here it is, the amazing necklace. The first image above shows the necklace with all the chains attached. That’s how you’ll receive it.

The chains and pearl strands all attach to the multi-pearl necklace with lobster claws, making them easy to remove if you’re in the mood for less chain for a particular look (see photo on left).

And guess what! The chains you remove can also be worn as their own necklace and in a shorter version, depending on where you clasp them.

Finally, you can add charms to the chain – here’s Jalaina wearing the necklace with her favorite charms. 

This one is sure to be a hot seller this season. Your customers will love that they’re actually getting several looks for the price of one.

Stay tuned. You never know what amazing piece of jewelry we’ll come up with next!



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  1. Hi Glena, I love this necklace!! I want one. I didn’t get a chance to call you while I was in Clovis. But I did buy my niece some of your pieces at Roden Smith and she recieved lots of compliments back in TX. She lives in San Antonio and knows of a boutique that Pick Up Sticks would do good. I am so happy for you guys, I love your stuff. Hope to talk to you soon. Luv Joann

  2. Love this new necklace! Just received it in the mail yesterday. Great idea! I also think you all are doing a good job of showing customers how the chains can be worn with the charms on the blog or facebook. Keep that coming. I think it really helps people to see how it can be worn different ways…I’ve referred several people to the site to get ideas. Would love a few more examples of charms with the new chains (maybe show one with the new bird chain or a few more ideas on how to use the spacers).

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