Recession-Proofing Your Business – The Lipstick Factor at Work

As promised in our previous post on the Lipstick Factor, this is the first in a series of blog posts designed to help you turn your retail space into a fun, feasible and totally profitable business, even in the midst of hard times.  We want you to weather this economic storm with style and panache while having a great time doing it. 

You know from your own experience in the past couple of years that customers are passing up big-ticket items and being more cautious when it comes to parting with a buck.  While price point matters, customers are searching for the ultimate in quality and desirability. 

That’s where Pick Up Sticks comes in.  With a suggested retail price as low at $10 for charms and $4 for chain, you’re already providing customers with amazing value – they’re buying a beautiful, high quality piece of jewelry at a great price.  Remember to emphasize that all Pick Up Sticks charms are double-sided – customers will love  that they’re actually getting two charms for the price of one.  One day they can wear a colored candy initial with a charm –  the next they can reverse the images and have an entirely new necklace and look.

This versatility and value carries over into Pick Up Sticks chains.  If your customers only want to purchase one chain, they still get incredible versatility – they can move charms around, wear only one on a certain day, add a trinket the next, and layer several on a third day.  Without buying multiple chains, customers still have the option of giving themselves a fresh look every single day.

Gift giving gets simpler and more affordable with each subsequent purchase – encourage your customers to buy a chain and a charm for a birthday gift, adding a charm for Valentine’s, graduation, Mother’s Day, Christmas.   Once customers are hooked on the collectibility of Pick Up Sticks, the possibilities for adding onto an already hot gift choice are endless, and still amazingly affordable. 

We’re not experts, but all the research we’ve located suggest that this is the time to make sure your customers feel like they’re getting the ultimate quality and value for the lowest possible price.  Conspicuous consumption is out and frugal, smart shopping is totally hip.  If your customers know you’re dedicated to helping them be clever and stylish while saving money, they’ll always come back for more.  

Stay tuned. More to come. . .


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