Lothantique and Gil Tani – Pick Up Sticks in Canada!


Pick Up Sticks in Gil's booth in Toronto at CGTA - True Elegance!

We have our own Pick Up Sticks rock star, and we want to introduce him – he’s our distributor in Canada, Gil Tani.  His distribution company operates under Lothantique, Inc. (www.lothantique.ca), but he’s also the owner of gorgeous retail space, Belle de Provence, in Toronto (www.belledeprovence.com), so he has vast experience selling elegant gifts.  He also has great things to say about Pick Up Sticks, and good ideas for display and marketing.  If you’re feeling like your retail space may have become predictable or stagnant, this is a relevant post to ponder.

Gil’s immediate comment about Pick Up Sticks is that it surprised him.  Pick Up Sticks was the first jewelry line he purchased for his retail space, and he didn’t expect such high repeat sales numbers.  He says his wholesale customers in Canada say the same thing – they tell him that they reorder because Pick Up Sticks sells!

Gil is in the soap industry, and says it’s easy to expect soap to sell – people use it up. But jewelry?!  He was shocked to find that customers in his retail space were coming back for their 2nd, their 8th, even their 12th charm.  He praises the customer service he receives from Pick Up Sticks – he finds them professional, courteous, and best of all, “When I call, there’s no blah, blah, blah. Just answers, and if they don’t know the answer, they’ll ask someone.  Their orders are accurate, always.”

Gil’s had amazing success in his retail space, and suggest that retailers be mindful of their traffic patterns.  “Everyone moves a certain direction when they come in your door,” he says.  If you watch to see what that pattern is and then strategically place items where they’ll catch a customer’s eyes, you’ll see an immediate response. 

He also says that every store has a “table” or display from which more merchandise is sold than any other.  “Figure out why that is, and then try moving your slow sellers to that place. If they won’t sell there, get rid of them.” 

When asked to compare the retail market in Canada to that in the U.S., Gil thinks that perhaps the economy has recently been slightly tougher in the U.S., but not much.  American retailers, he says, are always interested in the next new thing – the quick sale.  Retailers in Canada are more likely to find a great line and, if it sells, stick with it and wait it out.  His suggestion is that we all be more patient with what we’re selling, that we be loyal to lines that are selling well.  He thinks customers tend to appreciate consistency, and will come back for more of what they already know they like.

Great comments and great ideas.  Thanks, Gil, for your loyalty to Pick Up Sticks.

If you have your own tips for moving the line in your store, let us know. We’re dedicated to sharing both new and proven ways to market Pick Up Sticks!

Gil's entire booth in Toronto - see why we think he's a rock star?


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    I try to by a parfum by lothentique et I dont no where
    is he. The parfum is eau de parfum Patchouli.
    Could you help me please.

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