Pick Up Sticks Display Ideas

We’re always getting calls or e-mails or questions at market about the best way to display Pick Up Sticks jewelry in retail stores.    In this post, we’ve put together a collection of photos from our own displays with some fresh, some old but still working, and some totally funky ideas. 

As we’ve said before, Judy the mannequin remains the best way to display Pick Up Sticks – our most successful retailers load her up with charms, trinkets and necklaces and stand her up somewhere near the cash register.  She’s such an eye catcher that jewelry seems to fly out the door.  In fact, I had a retailer tell me on Monday that she increased his Pick Up Sticks sales by 400% in one year!  We’ll be doing a longer blog post on his retail space in the next few days – he has great advice and insight for retailers.

If you want to see other photos of our retailers’ Judys, check out prevous blogs on Traveling Judy and Alspaugh’s Sterling Events.  These retailers really know how to make it happen.

Take a look, or better yet, send us you own ideas.  You can include them in a comment or sent them to us at marketing@pickupsticks.net.  We’ll include your store contact info along with your photos.

And keep watching for a display idea contest soon.  As we all know, selling Pick Up Sticks is a breeze when you know how to catch your customer’s eye.  The minute they see it, they’re hooked!

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  1. I am a retailer with exclusivity…we also display the Pick Up Sticks line on a vintage mannequin, however, I am using stick pins and would like to know how you are attaching your jewelry to your mannequins. It looks like some kind of tiny u shaped pin????? Please let us know where to find them. Thank you so much! My customer love your lines and always walk away with a giggle or smile on their faces.

  2. Love the new designs for summer!

  3. I love the way that you suggest to display the pendants… ¡¡I would like to be a retailer!!… But I don’t have a store… ;P

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