Sabrina’s Favorite Necklace – At Least for Today. . .

It’s Tuesday, right?  Which means that today my favorite necklaces are a combo of  “The Queen Is Not Amused”, a little Marilyn Monroe, and my absolute fave, the “Just Be” word candy.

I like to wear the stainless steel chain, because it’s both urban and casual.  For these necklaces, I started off with two of our 20” stainless steel ball chains and cut each to a custom length – the top one is about 16” long and the bottom one is around 18”.  

The shorter chain has QU007 which simply says “majesty” on one side and has “The Queen is Not Amused” on the back.   QU007 is my favorite queen, although she’s my opposite.  I’m amused and entertained by just about anything out of the ordinary.  AND I love to entertain others.  This charm reminds me to always look at the world as if I have on a pair of googlie-eyed joke glasses – I’m always willing to poke fun at myself first.

I’ve paired my queen charm with a large crown (PT007) and the “just be” word candy (CW012).  “Just be” matches my bumblebee tattoo, and it’s exactly like the one my grandfather had on his knee.

On the longer chain I wear the Marilyn Monroe photo charm (TR097) with her famous quote on the back “If I’d observed all the rules, I’d never have got anywhere.” (obviously including “getting” the rules of grammar).  This quote really rings true for me, because if Glena and I had observed all the rules, Pick Up Sticks Jewelry Co. wouldn’t even exist.  We’ll give you the details of the crazy trip that got us to this point in a later post. 

The last trinket I wear (with the Monroe charm) is the envelope that opens (TR097).  A lot of you may not know this, but this trinket comes with several miniature notes inserted in the envelope.  Mine holds a very miniature love note from my husband.  I know that all of you out there in cyber land are my friends but this one is waaaay too racy to divulge!

In closing, honestly this is my favorite combo of necklaces today.  I am always changing it up –  it’s so easy to slide charms on and off the ball chain.  Sometimes my customers tell me, “I don’t know how to put a cute necklace together.” My response is this:  “Everything is designed to go with everything else – you can’t make a mistake. Just grab what’s talking to you today, throw them on a chain, walk out the door and get ready for someone to ask you about it.”

And ladies, as always, don’t forget your googlie-eyed joke glasses.  Life’s way too short to be taken seriously!

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  1. Can’t wait to get the jewelry in the store. I personally only have 2 of your charms, but of course I want lots…my customers are excited to see my new stuff too. I’m so glad you guys came up with such a great idea. You never know what small town girls can accomplish, it’s fantastic. Have a fun day.

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