Glena's Favorite Pick Up Sticks Necklace


Everyone in the studio got together and wrote a piece about their favorite Pick Up Sticks necklaces. Here’s what Glena has to say:

My two favorite necklaces are currently the bird trinket (PT039) paired with my initial candy “G”(CWI0G)on a 20 “ stainless steel ball chain, layered with (AN054)”Notice the little things” photo charm on a 16” sterling box chain.

I love these two necklaces for several reasons. The bird trinket is inscribed with the word “fly” on the back, which is significant to me because my 23 year old son, Cameron, is a helicopter pilot and this trinket is my tribute to him and his career choice. I’m so proud of him. The “g” initial further personalizes this necklace, and is the perfect size (small) to coordinate with the bird trinket.

“Notice the little things” is a great quote – it reminds me to stay in the present and see beauty in what others might classify as mundane. My goal is to always take time to be thankful for special little things that happen in my life on a daily basis – friends, family, and of course, Pick Up Sticks Jewelry Company.

This is what I love most about wearing Pick Up Sticks jewelry – whatever charm, trinket or necklace I choose, I can use our designs to tell the world my story. And when the story changes, there’s always another charm to fit my new mood!

Stay tuned for Jalaina’s, Candace’s, Brenda’s and Sabrina’s favorite necklaces. We’d love to hear from you about your favorite pieces of Pick Up Sticks Jewelry. . .

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  1. I can’t wait to get the candy initials in the store. So much fun! I also really love the bird trinket. I know that it will sell well here in “Egg Harbor”!

  2. I love this charm… I want it.

  3. I love the candy initials paired with all of your trinkets, but of course my all time favorite photo charm is “My Mother My Friend” charm. Could be because it is a picture of my Mother and Grandmother.

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