New Mexico Girls in Cyberspace?

If you had asked us a year ago if we had a blog, we would have probably responded with a confused “Huh?” A year ago, Sabrina was listening to podcasts about artists and industry and Glena was just getting a Facebook account, but a BLOG? Really now people, isn’t designing and selling fun beautiful jewelry enough?

But it has quickly become clear that the very best way to help you, our customer, is to give you information. Lots of information. Information that you can then pass along to your retail customers and your collectors so that they will come back again and again for more Pick Up Sticks Jewelry.

Want to know the best way to use a jump ring? We’ll post a video on our blog for that. Want some great display ideas? You’ll be able to check out the blog. Want to know the newest designs before anyone else does? Yeah – you guessed it – we’ll post them here

We’ll give you the background stories for some of our charms – where the ideas came from, what the images means to us – so that you can pass that story along to your customer. Every customer wants to feel connected to whatever she’s buying or receiving as a gift, and if you can give her a story to tell when someone admires her jewelry, as well as a chance to tell her own story with specific charms, she’ll be hooked.

Most of all we want to hear from you – your comments and constructive criticism – when your thoughts come from an encouraging place in the spirit of collaboration, your input can only help us to be better designers and business owners.   If you have an idea for a contest, let us know.  We want our blog to be as much fun as buying our jewelry is for your customers! 

As a teaser, here’s an early look at one of the design sets Sabrina’s playing with – vintage, yet sassy zodiac charms.  She’ll be using something like this graphic (we’re in the very early stages here). . . and we’re open to any suggestions you might have about how best to design and sell this series of charms. 

Can’t wait to post our next entry. Talking to you in cyberspace is going to be so much more fun than we expected!

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  1. Hi Guys-

    I love the idea of a blog. Do you have a facebook page yet? I do have a comment on the zodiac designs. Personally I love them. I am a Pisces and the name of my store is Something Fishy so I love buying zodiac pieces. That being said I have a miserable time selling zodiac designs in jewelry. I have had both whimsical and more serious zodiac necklaces and couldn’t sell them until they were on sale. I have some more “serious” looking pieces at 75% off that I have left over from several years ago and can’t get rid of them. I think it’s the whole 70’s “what’s your sign” thing. I would be interested in other retailers experiences trying to sell zodiac jewelry.

    Can’t wait to see more. Especially display ideas. I am getting ready to re-do my whole charm section and would love some fresh ideas.

    • Lisa! congrats on being our first comment! We love Something Fishy. And yes, we’re on Facebook – there’s a button on the website, or you can just search “Pick Up Sticks” on Facebook. We plan to do some really fun stuff. And like you, we’d love to hear from other folks on the whole zodiac idea. . .

      The Girls at Pick Up Sticks Jewelry Company

  2. Congrats, gals!
    It’s a gorgeous look – wish mine was like this …

    What zodiac charms? I kinda pride myself on knowing everything. How did these escape me?

  3. Never mind what I said … I read further … i get it now.

    Pay no attention to the trigger-happy wizard behind the curtain.

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